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Cymbidia is a type of orchid and enchants every flower vase with its elegance! Find out more information about this magical cut flower here.

Botanical name: Cymbidium

Genus: Cymbidium

Plant family: Orchids (bot.Orchidaceae)

Occurrence: Tropics and subtropics

The cymbidium belongs to the orchid family (Orchidaceae) and includes a large number of exotic species. Its flower has a hollow, arched lip that is reminiscent of a boat. “Kymbos”, the Greek word for boat, is the origin of the botanical name Cymbidium.
Orchids are automatically associated with the tropics, but the cymbidium is not a tropical type. She is used to surviving on the southern slopes of the Himalayan Mountains. Even on rocky, nutrient-poor soil, on cold nights and in bright light, the plant is able to develop its mysterious, elegant flowering branches. So a real survivor.

Meaning of cymbidium
In China they have been used since 500 BC. cultivated and bred. Here the cymbidium is a special gift for friends, because the flower is the symbol of a valued and respectful friendship.

Care tips for cymbidium

The cymbidium comes to your home in a small water tube. You should remove this and cut the stems again at an angle. The orchid should not be too warm. Large fluctuations in temperature are also not good for their delicate flowers. It is very hungry for light and should be given a bright place in the room.

Cymbidium Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - Cymbidium -  |  Flower tips and more

Cymbidium Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - Cymbidium -  |  Flower tips and more

EXOTIC WINTER Bloomy Blog - Cymbidium -  |  Flower tips and more

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