Daffodils (daffodils) –

Spring is indispensable without daffodils! Find out more information about the bright yellow cut flowers here.

Botanical name: Narcissus

Genus: Daffodils

Plant family: Amaryllis family (bot. Amaryllidaceae)

Occurrence: Southern Europe and northwestern Africa coast
Daffodils or (also called daffodils) belong to the Amaryllis family and have their natural distribution centers in southwest Europe and northwest Africa. They have played an important role in European gardens since the 16th century and enjoy great popularity, whether as garden or cut flowers. However, the daffodil is considered something very rare in the wild. In Germany there are only a few places in the Eifel and Hunsrück.

The name narcissus is derived from the Greek and means to stun, which is based on the very intense and numbing smell of the poet’s daffodil, which also grows in Greece.

Care tips for daffodils

When you arrive, cut the daffodils fresh and soak the stems briefly in hot water. After that, you should first put the daffodil alone in a vase of cold water, as it will also secrete the poisonous mucus that causes other flowers to wither. After about ten minutes you can change the water and add other flowers. The water in the vase should ideally be changed every two to three days, without cutting the stems.

Daffodils daffodils Bloomy Blog - Daffodils (daffodils) -

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Daffodils daffodils Bloomy Blog - Daffodils (daffodils) -

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