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In the warm summer months, we all like to be in the garden. No wonder that every year we look for new ideas and inspiration to make the garden more homely and to decorate something. But why always decorate the garden with lights? Hanging flower vases that are playfully placed on the trees are very easy to make! With this simple summer flower DIY tip, the garden looks much more colorful and cheerful. You only need a few materials for these beautiful flower vases and the work is done in just a few minutes. By the way, children are also very happy if you can do handicrafts with us!

You will need these materials:

small glass vases, flasks or glasses
colored thread or cord
Glass paint in bright colors (available in a craft store, for example)
Flowers of your choice

And this is how you conjure up dancing flower vases:

The first thing to do is to wrap the jars or bottles tightly with the colored thread – preferably from bottom to top. You can wrap the glasses in one color or alternate with different colors. Then knot the ends invisibly. Alternatively, you can paint the glasses with glass paint and let them dry well. To hang the glasses on the tree later, attach a ribbon to the glass opening or the neck of the bottle. Now simply fill the glasses with water, cut the flowers to the desired length and arrange them as you wish. To bring a beautiful colorful dab in the garden, it is best to choose a mixture of brightly colored flowers. We find asters and gerberas especially beautiful in summer! Et voilà – your new garden decoration is ready!

Dancing flower vases Bloomy Blog - Dancing flower vases -

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The warm days and mild summer evenings can now be enjoyed perfectly in the garden. Invite your friends and family to a cozy garden party, you already have the perfect decoration.

How did you like our flower inspiration? Please let us know. We wish you a wonderful summer!

You can find more DIY ideas on the subject of flowers on our blog.

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