Decoration with wedding flowers: wedding – flowers & roses

The most popular wedding flowers

Among the most popular Flowers for the wedding belong to the Roses. These wedding flowers stand for love and they are available in many different colors, monochrome, two-tone or colored. Roses are available all year round and they are suitable for the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquet as well as for the lapel pin, the table or altar decoration and for the car decoration.

Callas Because of their beauty, they are one of the most popular flowers for weddings alongside roses. Calla is also available in numerous different colors, but callas are not always available seasonally.

A popular one Wedding flower especially for the table decoration is the Gerberas. The variety of colors of the gerbera is enormous, by the way, it is one of the most popular cut flowers.

A noble, downright majestic, wedding flower is that lily. It is naturally fragrant and ensures that both the bridal bouquet and the table decoration smell wonderful.

Also indispensable are Hydrangeas. A hydrangea has a bushy head. Hydrangeas are available in many different colors. They are odorless and are often used as wedding flowers in bridal bouquets and flower arrangements.

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The typical bridal bouquet shapes – from the Biedermeier to the waterfall

  • A classic among the Bridal bouquets is the Biedermeier. At the Biedermeier bridal bouquet the individual flowers are bound to a spherical shape. A Biedermeier bouquet can be put together compactly or loosely.
  • A Scepter bouquet As the name suggests, it is bound in such a way that it resembles the shape of a king scepter. It is one of the more modern bridal bouquets.
  • Of the Bouquet of arms stands for a simple and clear line. It is not held in the hand, but carried on the arm and looks very exclusive due to its simplicity. Long-stemmed flowers such as Calla are ideal for the arm bouquet variant.
  • At the Waterfall bridal bouquet If the cut green, e.g. ivy, is left longer so that it hangs down like a waterfall, which makes the bouquet look larger than a small, compact Biedermeier. A waterfall-shaped bouquet is a great eye-catcher that goes well with a long wedding dress with a train.
  • At the Bridal bouquet in teardrop shape the flowers are tied in such a way that the bouquet has the shape of a teardrop.
    Decoration with wedding flowers wedding flowers roses - Decoration with wedding flowers: wedding - flowers & roses

    Wedding: bridal bouquet

Tasteful floral arrangements – floral decorations for the wedding

Flower arrangements for the church

At a church wedding, flower decorations are primarily used as Altar decorations, but also the Pews can for example with roses and the Entrance area decorated with white hydrangea pots. And then there are the flower litter children with their rose petals. You can easily buy real rose petals in our online shop.

Car jewelry for wedding

Of the Car jewelry should be coordinated with the wedding theme and colors. Often the wedding jewelry is attached to the bonnet, but the door handles, the bumper and the grille are also perfect for decorating with wedding flowers.

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Wedding: car jewelry

Flowers as table decorations for the wedding

The floral arrangement is an important part of the wedding. Because the Wedding decoration on the one hand gives the location a festive and elegant ambience and on the other hand no other flowers are considered longer at the wedding than the flowers that are Table decorations for the wedding be used. With the table decoration, the color direction and the style of the bridal bouquet can be taken up again. With the Wedding table decoration you have the opportunity to create a very individual atmosphere, from elegant to fancy and colorful, from reserved to lush and large.

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