Decorator for hospital and therapy center in the Munich area

Decorator for hospital and therapy center

Hygiene regulations are always the top priority in a hospital and therapy centre. Nevertheless, this often sterile place should radiate security. With a decoration joie de vivre finds its way into the hospital. Patients are often in the clinic longer, which makes it all the more important to create a comfort zone for them. In moments that seem bleak, the decoration provides some encouragement. The hospital decoration provides a beautiful setting for happy moments such as discharge or the birth of a child. As an experienced decorator, Christoph Anzer from Munich reconciles the requirements of a hospital with the wishes of an esthete. He and his team don’t just come to hospitals or private clinics for Christmas decorations. Even Seasonal decorations and the regular exchange of flowers are on his year-round calendar for clinics, rehabilitation facilities and hospices.

Decorator for hospital and therapy center in the Munich area - Decorator for hospital and therapy center in the Munich area

What is the benefit of a decorator for the hospital?

The decorator saves hospital resources. It optimizes the feel-good atmosphere and underlines the professional image. You think the little decoration in the hospital is done quickly? The caretaker places the Christmas tree in the foyer and one of the secretaries decorates it in between. Everyday life in the clinic usually looks different and the decoration of the entrance areas, the common rooms and the church means an additional burden for the employees. For example, the Christmas decorations are put up late and taken down far too late. If you hire a decorator for the hospital design, you do not tie up any of your own capacities. This applies to employees who have to take care of shopping and decoration as well as to storage rooms. The decoration will be installed in the clinic exactly on the agreed date. Christoph Anzer optimally prepares the installations so that the installation in the hospital can run smoothly and with little disruption to the clinic’s operations. The decoration becomes an eye-catcher in the hospital, which patients, guests and employees always enjoy. The red and green Christmas decoration no longer has to be used for years. A decorator brings variety to everyday hospital life.

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When it comes to decorating the clinic, the house rules always come first

Accessibility, fire protection, hygiene requirements, all the safety measures in a clinic always have priority. With the decoration, Christoph Anzer responds sensitively to the patients and employees of the house. Not only the choice of color and theme is based on the clientele, but also the choice of material and the attachment. A vase must never stand in the way. Clinic decorations should never pose a risk to patients. In an introductory meeting, those responsible explain the basic data for the individual decoration concept.

Customized hospital decoration and for the therapy center

The orders for decorating a clinic or rehabilitation center are as varied as the facilities themselves. Some only want to create a pleasant ambience for patients and visitors at Christmas time. Other clinics in the Munich area, on the other hand, attach great importance to decorative design and would like to be provided with fresh flowers every week. In a children’s hospital, for example, things can be fun and colourful, and the focus is also on topics such as Halloween. In a private clinic for newborns, on the other hand, floral decorations emphasize the exclusivity of the house. Contact us to discuss your project. We are not only active in Munich, but also decorate hospitals, therapy centers and rehabilitation facilities throughout southern Germany. Contact us.

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