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For the next blog entries we have thought of many different DIY tips to make unique but still festive Christmas decorations. Discover great ideas and tips about Christmas in the next few weeks! We have been celebrating Christmas for many years now, and hardly any other festival is as steeped in tradition as this one. Nevertheless, Christmas decorations don’t always have to be cheesy! We show how you can easily make a stylish, simple Advent arrangement yourself. So that you can do handicrafts without any worries, we recommend that you gather all the materials you need in advance. Now nothing stands in your way and you can start!

What you need for crafting:

– medium-sized tin can
– Plug moss
– 4 taper candles
– Dymo device (e.g. available in a craft store)
– waterproof paint and brush
– Green moss
– Masking tape

DIY Advent arrangement Bloomy Blog - DIY Advent arrangement -

In just a few steps to a stylish Advent arrangement:

1. First, the top third of the tin can is masked with a strip of masking tape. Then paint with any color, then peel off the tape.

2. While the paint dries, the words “One”, “Two”, “Three” and “Four” are punched out with the Dymo device. Then glue them in the middle of the individual taper candles.

3. The next step is to cut the plug-in moss into the size of the can and stick it in. Then place the candles in the middle.

4. Finally, cover with moss and fix with pins if necessary.

1635866202 385 DIY Advent arrangement Bloomy Blog - DIY Advent arrangement -

You are also welcome to experiment and, for example, choose a different candle color, paint the tin can in different colors and decorate it with glitter or arrange small Christmas balls in the moss. Let your creativity run free and design a stylish and unique Advent arrangement according to your taste!

And here you can watch the whole thing again on our YouTube channel. We hope you enjoyed this festive idea and wish you a lot of fun with crafting! Stay tuned to see how our DIY Christmas series continues! We’ll be in touch very soon with lots of great tips and tricks for the festive season.

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