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If you want to go fully with the trend this year, you cannot avoid this: The decorative flower ring is a must-have at weddings, festivities or simply as a decoration at home. The fabulous thing about the flower ring is the variety of design options. Whether autumn, winter or Christmas – the ring can be used in many ways. But beware of the risk of confusion: Unfortunately, the ring cannot give you any power as in “Lord of the Rings.” But it is always good as a flowery eye-catcher.

In the next few weeks we will introduce you to three variants of how you can implement the decorative flower ring. First we show you an autumn variant.

DIY Decorative flower ring Bloomy Blog - DIY: Decorative flower ring -

For the first variant you need the following materials:

  • Metal ring
  • wire
  • scissors
  • Thread for hanging
  • Roses
  • rosehips
  • Goldenrod

Step 1

First you put the accessories in the desired position on the ring. If you have found a nice arrangement, wrap the whole thing with a bright wire.

step 2


In the next step you put the rose hips and the roses on the ring and wrap them again with the wire so that they sit firmly and nothing can fall off.

step 3


Finally, fasten the hanging cord to the opposite arch of the ring with a knot and cut it to the desired length.

Et voilà!

Now you can hang up the finished ring in the desired place in your four walls and inspire your next visit with your handicrafts. Feel free to share your finished workpieces and link us to Instagram. We are very excited about the many autumnal flower rings that will reach us! And now: Have fun copying!

By the way, you can also get ours Online shop beautiful Bouquets of flowers and dried flowers. You can then easily take some stems from our arrangements and use them for our flower ring.

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