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For those who don’t have a green thumb, this is the new one Assortment of dried flowers from Bloomy Days is just the thing! The popular eucalyptus in particular can be found in many bouquets.
Today we will show you a DIY for our dried flower arrangement “Mint Tea “. Fun Fact: Eucalyptus is almost the only thing koalas eat – although it’s not particularly nutritious. But it looks great and is great for our DIY!

DIY Eucalyptus in a glass frame Bloomy Blog - DIY: Eucalyptus in a glass frame -

You may have already seen DIY on the Internet: It is about dried flowers – in our case eucalyptus – in a glass frame! All you need is a picture frame and two glass or plastic panes and our “Mint Tea” bouquet.

The steps to the perfect dried flower picture are very short and easy with this DIY. First you choose the most beautiful stem of the bouquet. You put this in the desired position in the picture frame. Now it’s time to press! But not too tight, otherwise the pane of glass may break. If you choose a different motif than the eucalyptus, we recommend that you press the dried flowers in a book overnight. Finally, you put the second pane in the picture frame and attach it. So the picture is ready! Now you can put it in your favorite place or hang it. You can use the leftover stems of the “Mint Tea” bouquet, for example. B. in a vase next to the picture frame.

1633017588 550 DIY Eucalyptus in a glass frame Bloomy Blog - DIY: Eucalyptus in a glass frame -

If you prefer something more colorful in autumn, you can use collected autumn leaves instead of eucalyptus. A positive side effect: collecting the colorful leaves lets you be a child again. Either quickly collected in front of the house or on a leisurely autumn walk on Sunday – fun in the fresh air is guaranteed!

After these tips you can start! Be a trendsetter among your friends and present your dried flowers in a glass frame at the next meeting. Or instead of the next Tupperware party, plan a little handicrafts round. There are no limits to your fanatasy when it comes to implementation. We wish you a lot of fun with handicrafts!

Please send us pictures of your finished glass frame via our social media channels Instagram or Facebook. We are curious to see how you implement our DIY idea according to your taste.

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