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Bottled flowers are an easy and quick DIY tip for your home! Easily design a beautiful decoration for your 4 walls to suit every season! With very little effort, you can always have new flower decorations in no time at all.

DIY: flowers in bottles

What could be nicer than bringing the scent and colors of nature into your home in spring? At BLOOMY DAYS we always offer you fresh early bloomers, such as daffodils, tulips or crocuses, that are seasonal. There are far more options for a lively flower decoration in the four walls than ordinary vases. Disused glass bottles are ideal for bringing the awakening of spring into your home. It looks very noble when transparent, colorless bottles are put together in different shapes. If you like, you can also decorate the glass vessels with ribbons and bows. It also looks very nice with flamingo flowers.
DIY idea flowers in bottles Bloomy blog - DIY idea: flowers in bottles -

In summer, nature offers plenty of grass or flowering wild herbs for a walk across fields and meadows. Most oil bottles have a small opening. They are ideal for giving delicate blades of grass the necessary support. Here, too, the effect is greater if several bottles are placed next to each other. It becomes autumn when twigs and branches with colored leaves are placed in bottles. Depending on your taste, the glass containers can be sprayed with white paint. This creates a nice contrast to the colored leaves. If you prefer it tone on tone, use red or brown color. Green wine bottles can easily be transformed into extraordinary Christmas decorations. Simply put fir or pine branches in the cleaned wine bottles and decorate with straw stars or Christmas balls. For milk bottles with a large opening, there is also space for a candle and gives the festive decoration in the bottles the finishing touch.

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Bottles are not just a substitute for flower vases, but a cheap and unusual idea to decorate your home with flowers. Order fresh cut flowers directly by subscription here at BLOOMY DAYS.

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