DIY WITH BJÖRN: Blooming for mom

DIY WITH BJORN Blooming for mom - DIY WITH BJÖRN: Blooming for mom

Sunday is Mother’s Day and Björn has a wonderful idea for that! Give your mother a unique and extraordinary bouquet. With this gift you will definitely give your mother an unforgettable Mother’s Day!

Björn shows you today how to give your mother a wonderful present in 7 steps, straight from the Bloomy Days workshop.

For the blooms for mom you need:

  • Cloves
  • vase
  • Aluminum wire


1. Remove the leaves from the cloves and place them in a narrow vase at the same length beforehand

2. Cut the aluminum wire to a length of approx. 1 m

3. Put the wire in turns into the head of the carnation flowers

4. Twist the ends of the wires together and cut off the excess wire

5. Now carefully bend the carnations on the wire into a heart shape

6. Now take all the stems out of the vase and shorten the carnations to the desired length

7. Now fill the heart shape according to your own taste with your favorite flowers

We hope you enjoy trying it out!

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