dr Jetske Ultee: sustainable and vegan skin care

Are you also a fan of cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable care productswhich at that effective and totally up adapted to your own skin needs are? Then you’ve come to the right place here on my beauty blog!

Because I have one new care line tested, which absolutely keeps what it promises: dr Jetske Ultee. It’s just nice that nowadays when it comes to beauty products No compromise more must go into! What about the beauty brand Dr. Jetske Ultee is all about and which products I can particularly recommend to you, you will find out in this article!

dr Jetske Ultee sustainable and vegan skin care - dr  Jetske Ultee: sustainable and vegan skin care

skin care by dr. Jetske Ultee

You may be wondering who this woman Dr. Jetske Ultee is? I’ll be happy to answer that for you. dr Jetske Ultee is one Dutch research doctor specializing in cosmetic dermatologywhich has set itself the goal of declaring war on the lies in the cosmetics industry.

Because the products that it brings to the market are dermatologically very high quality and extremely effective, which is scientifically proven. With her cosmetic line Uncover Skincare and her book, she is an expert in the field of skin and has made it her mission to the right care for every skin type to have ready.

1679854404 284 dr Jetske Ultee sustainable and vegan skin care - dr  Jetske Ultee: sustainable and vegan skin care

Philosophy – sustainable cosmetics are that easy!

dr Jetske Ultee is always up to date with its effective care products and is really stirring up the cosmetics industry with its strict criteria. Because their products are sustainable, vegan (ie without animal ingredients) and Not tested on animals!

Not only nature and wildlife are happy about this, but we also have a great advantage: nothing toxic for our skin! Because let’s be honest: If products have to be tested on animals, that actually says that they not considered 100% healthy for living beings (and thus also us humans) can be considered…

In her care line, Dr. Jetske Ultee on ingredients that scientifically proven to be absolutely effective are. So that the finished products remain effective, will only be in small amounts and always fresh in a small production facility in the Netherlands producedwhere the containers subsequently also hermetically sealed become. means pump dispenser the finished cosmetics then stay with you at home fresh and durable.

But not only with her vegan and cruelty-free skin care suggests dr Jetske Ultee is breaking new ground in the cosmetics industry. Also the Packagingin which the care products are delivered consistent and therefore absolutely safe for us and our planet. Because instead of annoying plastic foils and other garbage, the Cardboard boxes filled with corn filling materialwhich is completely degradable. dr Jetske Ultee bids with it all-round sustainable care at!

1679854404 296 dr Jetske Ultee sustainable and vegan skin care - dr  Jetske Ultee: sustainable and vegan skin care

These are my favorite products from Dr. Jetske Ultee!

From facial cleanser and cream to sunscreen and make-up – the Product variety from Dr. Jetske Ultee is big! I used to struggle with extreme combination skin, but now I’m blessed with normal skin. On the one hand, age seems to play a positive role for me, on the other hand I’ve had it for years a grooming routinewhich I in the mornings and the evenings apply without exception. I like to vary the skin care products, but not the individual cleaning and care steps. from dr I have already tried Jetske Ultee, a few of my favorites I present to you below.

1. Cleanser for normal to oily skin

This cleaner is ideal to dirt, tallow and dead skin cells to remove. Unlike other care lines, Dr. Jetske Ultee here on one particularly mild cleaning foam. Because it does not need aggressive, but above all mild and effective meanswhich help the skin to get rid of the dirt of everyday life and to be able to breathe again!

The one contained in this cleanser glycerinwhich is obtained from soy and is very mild, protects the skin barrier from drying out during cleaning and be careful not to attack her.

Application: Massage 3-4 pumps in the morning and evening onto the moistened face, neck and décolleté and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

1679854404 214 dr Jetske Ultee sustainable and vegan skin care - dr  Jetske Ultee: sustainable and vegan skin care

2. Exfoliant for normal to oily skin

This exfoliant miracle cure is ideal to get rid of dead skin cells and so the skin again to shine bring to. Unlike a peeling, where mainly granules loosen the dead skin particles, this exfoliant works with you fruit acid, which loosens the skin cells by itself. Straight from the age of 30 this process slows downwhich the skin normally carries out itself, and such cosmetics are excellent at this support.

Application: Apply cream to face either in the morning or in the evening with 1-2 pump strokes, DO NOT rinse off, but allow to absorb briefly before using the next product.

3. Azelaic Acid Serum

This serum is ideal if you are with Pimples, redness, pimple marks or nodules gotta bang around! Because with the contained therein Azelaic Acid Derivative it helps the skin to heal soothe and regenerate and thus creates again even complexion.

Application: It is best to apply 2-3 pumps thinly to cleansed skin once a day (either in the morning or in the evening) and allow to absorb well. The moisturizer, which I will introduce to you in the next step, is ideal for afterwards!

1679854404 416 dr Jetske Ultee sustainable and vegan skin care - dr  Jetske Ultee: sustainable and vegan skin care

4. Moisturizer for normal to oily skin

This day and night cream is special hydrating and rich. With Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Niacinamide (also as Vitamin B3 known) it protects your skin from skin aging and tightens it. Since this cream is also particularly mild, you can use it without hesitation use as an eye cream and thus prevent crow’s feet!

What at one Switch to new creams very important (and unfortunately only rarely considered!) is that you should do this slowly, in order to to get your skin used to the new products. That’s why Dr. Jetske Ultee, den Moisturizer to be used every 2 days first and only switch to daily use later.

Application: Apply 1-2 pumps to face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening. Allow to soak in and only then apply another product (e.g. make-up or sunscreen) to the skin.

5. Suncare SPF 30

The best way to prevent skin aging is the right one sun protection! And not just when the sun is shining outside, but every day without exception! Unfortunately, sunscreens are coming far too rarely in our daily skin care routine before and while they are essential to that reduce risk of skin cancer and our protect skin from aging.

Suncare with sun protection factor 30 from Dr. Jetske Ultee is a vegan skincare that protects against UVA and UVB radiation, water resistant and especially not that fat is. It contains Vitamin E and B3 as well as caffeine and is therefore also healthy for your skin.

Use sunscreen from Dr. Jetske Ultee every morningto protect your skin from aggressive sunlight. It’s best if you wait about 10 minutes after applying day cream before applying sunscreen. This allows both products to be easily absorbed by the skin and develop their effects separately from each other.

1679854404 409 dr Jetske Ultee sustainable and vegan skin care - dr  Jetske Ultee: sustainable and vegan skin care

Skin analysis test by Dr. Jetske Ultee – What Skin Type Are You?

What is also super practical: Dr. Jetske Ultee offers a skin analysis test on their homepage that you can use to determine exactly which one skin type you are. So you can be sure that you are guaranteed to use the right care products perfectly adapted to the needs of your skin are!

In only 3 minutes could you with Questions about your age, the sensitivity of your skin, impurities and co. Find out what skin type you are and which products suit you particularly well. You will then be given an exact profile of your skin and a plan on how you can best design your skin care routine.

Do you have the sustainable care line from Dr. Have you tried Jetske Ultee or do you still have questions?

1679854404 862 dr Jetske Ultee sustainable and vegan skin care - dr  Jetske Ultee: sustainable and vegan skin care

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