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Let’s DIY dried flowers!

As you know, we love our dried flowers. And so it won’t surprise you now that we would like to decorate our entire apartment with these beauties.

Even if it is hard to believe, we in the Bloomy Days team do not have an infinite number of vases and possibilities at home to display the dried flowers. So we had to get a little more creative and just put the dried flowers on the walls. For this reason, we made a super beautiful dried flower DIY wall molding.

In the end, the wall decoration is not only a real eye-catcher, the handicrafts are also really quick and you don’t need a lot of material either. We are also sure that some of your friends would be happy to receive a gift they made themselves …

Dried Flowers DIY Wall Molding Bloomy Blog - Dried Flowers DIY: Wall Molding -
Material for the dried flowers DIY: wall molding

You need:

That’s how it’s done:

1. First, think about how many bunches of dried flowers you want to drape. We chose three. With a longer wooden strip, four or five bundles are nicer.

2. Then you mark where the bundles should be later. To do this, you can either just lay the bundle on the bar by eye, or you can do as we did, take a ruler and measure everything precisely.

Two holes must be drilled per bundle. The bundle will later be tied between the two holes with a rope. Depending on the thickness of the bundle, the holes should be 3 to 4 cm apart. We have placed a bundle exactly in the middle of the wooden strip and at the same distance from it one bundle on the right and one on the left. You also have to mark the holes for the later fastening rope. We recommend a distance of 1.5 cm from the ends of the strips.

3. Then the holes are drilled. First with a very fine wood drill, then again with a drill bit that is about the thickness of your rope.

4th If the wood is a bit splintered while drilling, it is best to sand it smooth with some sandpaper.

5. When you have drilled all the holes, thread the rope through the holes that will fix your bundle to the bar. You start with the first two holes by leading the rope from back to front through the first hole and then back through the second hole. You repeat this for the other holes.

6th Small loops have now been created between the holes through which you can put the dried flower bunches. When you have put all the dried flower bundles through the loops, you can still check the length of the dried flowers. If some styles are too long, use scissors to trim them. The ends of the rope initially remain loose until they are knotted with the rope of the wall bracket in step 9.

7th Now carefully turn the bar with the dried flowers over so that the back is on top. Be careful not to break the dried flowers!

8th. To make a wall bracket, you also need your rope. First thread it through one of the two outer holes at the end of the wooden strip and tie a knot on the back. Now lay the rope in a large triangle at the other end of the bar. Think about how long this bracket should be and shorten the rope accordingly. Now thread the rope through the outer hole at the other end of the wooden strip and also make a knot on the back. Your wall bracket is now ready!

9. Next, you pull the rope that holds your dried flower bunches tight. This can be a little fiddly, but the rope has to be taut enough that the dried flower stalks no longer slip out of the loops. You attach the two ends of the rope to the knot of the holding rope.

10. Now all you have to do is think of a nice place, drive a nail into the wall and hang the rope holder in the middle. Done – your dried flowers DIY wall decoration is ready!

Dried Flowers DIY Wall Molding Bloomy Blog - Dried Flowers DIY: Wall Molding -
Dried flowers DIY: wall molding

As always, we would be happy if you link us after you have recreated this dried flower DIY.

You can find our entire collection of dried flowers here.

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