drought-resistant houseplants

If you’ve already planned your summer vacation, then you’re probably wondering who might be watering your houseplants in the meantime. You don’t want to feel guilty when you come back that you forgot about your green housemates and didn’t water them regularly. We can only reassure you in this regard, because there are drought-resistant houseplants that can survive any heat wave in summer and survive for long periods without water. They are just right for everyone who doesn’t have a green thumb and often forgets their green plants. Our advice is, opt for these low-maintenance species that can take a little neglect and you’ll always be on the safe side! For today’s post, we’ve selected 5 drought-resistant houseplants that no one could kill. They do not die even during a longer dry period. You can enjoy their green appearance without having to water them constantly. Here are our 5 favorites!

Succulents are known to be drought-resistant houseplants because they store water in their leaves and roots.

drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

Drought-resistant houseplants at a glance

If the constant watering of plants is becoming an ordeal for you, then you absolutely have to rely on drought-resistant houseplants. These are usually good survival artists and can do the trick of storing enough water reserves in their leaves or roots.



Here we primarily mean all types of succulents and cacti. They can easily survive any dry season without being watered often. But numerous palm species are also among the survivors who surprise us with their lush, lush green leaves. We present 5 such houseplants below and show you many others in the gallery! Stay tuned to learn more about drought-resistant houseplants.

The bow hemp likes bright light and should not be placed far from the window!

1657823225 41 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants


1) Bow hemp

The Sansevieria is known to us under the names bow hemp, snake plant or “mother-in-law’s tongue”. The last naming is due to their pointed thin leaves. The sword-like, dark green leaves give the somewhat whimsical houseplant an elegant look. They are often embellished with silver, cream, white, or yellow stripes, which makes them look even more attractive. Bow hemp used to be considered grandma’s plant, but today it has become a trendsetter in interiors. The Sansevieria adorns your own four walls, many offices and public spaces. It is the preferred houseplant because of its drought resistance. The good thing about this houseplant is actually the fact that you can forget about it! The snake plant can go weeks without watering, which would kill all other houseplants! Place the Sansevieria in a light and sunny spot. Water only when the soil surface has dried and fertilize once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Elephant foot loves a spot in the sun!

1657823225 359 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

2) The elephant foot does not require much care

Elephant’s foot (Beaucarnea recurvata) is one of the most popular and easy-care houseplants that belongs to the family of palm trees. It is also known under the names bottle tree, water palm or elephant tree. Thanks to its thick, trunk-like trunk, the exotic can store moisture for a long time, so that the plant easily survives the occasional neglected watering. In its original home of Mexico, the elephant’s foot grows outdoors and can reach a height of around 9 m. With us, the drought-resistant plant is cultivated in a pot. Elephant’s Foot may need watering every few weeks during the warmer months, but relatively less frequently during the winter. The attractive palm tolerates bright light and can eventually reach a height of 2 m. However, you can limit its growth by keeping the drought-resistant plant in a smaller pot.

Aloe Vera is a low-maintenance and drought-resistant succulent.

1657823226 226 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants



3) Aloe Vera – medicinal and decorative drought-resistant houseplant

The aloe vera is a spiky succulent with serrated leaves that are gray-green in color. The plant is famous for its ability to heal burns, so aloe vera gel is highly valued as a healing agent. These succulents are known to be low-maintenance and drought-resistant houseplants that don’t require a lot of water. Allow the soil to dry out a little between waterings, this is good for the plant. Aloe is a slow grower like most succulents, but with patience it can reach a meter in height and width. Keep your aloe vera in a light spot, but don’t place it in direct sunlight or the plant could get sunburned. In summer you can bring it outside, but in winter you should bring it back inside, because the beautiful green plant is not hardy. Room temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees C stimulate their growth and flowering. By the way, the flowers of the aloe are beautiful!

Sago palm – an eye-catcher for indoors and outdoors

1657823226 520 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

4) The sago palm

The slow-growing sago palm (Cycas revoluta) is a popular, long-lived houseplant that is easy to care for and will add a touch of the tropics to any room. When fully grown, the leathery, dark green fronds can grow up to a meter long. Sago palms like well-drained soil and a bright location, but no direct sunlight. Totally forgetting to water this plant might not kill it, but overwatering certainly will. Give your sago palm some water when it’s about to dry out and keep it in a light spot – after all, it can grow up to 1.50 m tall. With its impressive look, it fulfills decorative functions both inside and outside in the garden. There is no other lush green eye-catcher like Cycas revolta, also called Japanese cycad!

Zamioculcas – drought resistant, resilient and attractive!

1657823226 433 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

5) The lucky feather continues to grow happily even without giving water!

Our next suggestion for drought-resistant houseplants is the lucky feather, also known as Zamioculcas. If you neglect your plant in the care and forget to water it, then such mistakes will not bother it. The exotic comes originally from East Africa. Their evergreen fronds look almost artificial because they are so stiff and shiny. This drought-resistant houseplant is a beautiful eye-catcher in many offices, public spaces and also thrives well in the home. The lucky feather is very adaptable and likes sunny to semi-sunny locations. If it’s in a dark place in your home, it needs less water, which means less maintenance in general. All Zamioculcas strains are slow growers, but they can eventually reach a meter in height and width. With its growth and the lush green glossy leaves, the lucky feather attracts everyone’s attention!

These were our 5 favorite low-maintenance drought-resistant houseplants. You can admire other such survival artists in our gallery! Have fun and choose at least one of these great plants for your home!

The ivy likes to grow in a hanging basket, its beautiful shiny leaves hanging modestly.

1657823227 554 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

The zebra haworthie stands out because of its green and white striped leaves.

1657823227 772 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

The cobbler’s palm can neither be harmed by drafts nor a little water. It is a robust and easy-care houseplant.

1657823228 594 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

This drought-resistant houseplant is called Gasteria bicolor.

1657823228 621 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

The money tree currently belongs in every interior and is said to bring good luck, a long life and lots of money.

1657823228 31 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

Doesn’t the bunny ear cactus look funny?

1657823229 44 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

Like all cacti, the golden barrel cactus requires little watering.

1657823229 703 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

These hardy and extremely drought-resistant houseplants rarely show us their beautiful flowers.

1657823230 474 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

This Kalanchoe tomentosa definitely belongs to the Succulent family.

1657823230 169 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

Living stones are true wonders of nature!

1657823231 363 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants

Which of the drought-resistant houseplants do you already have at home?

1657823231 652 drought resistant houseplants - drought-resistant houseplants




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