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Before a wedding begins, I am happy to greet the guests and get them in the mood for the free wedding. Maybe the couple also want their cell phones to stay in their pockets? That would be the moment to announce this.

Music is the perfect way to mark transitions. And the first piece indicates: Here we go! The bride with her papa, her mom, her parents etc. or the groom with his friends or the couple together come to the wedding venue. All guests get up and greet the couple.

the Opening the free wedding ceremony is a very sensitive art. In five years as a speaker, I’ve never opened a wedding with the same words or in the same style and it should be the appetizer that Enjoyment and excitement for the upcoming joint ceremony power. I like to write for my couples Poems and little allusions on what’s coming soon, a little story from her life, a ritual and that can also be a bang at the beginning. A free wedding is a party and it has to be celebrated and discovered full of surprises!

The greeting of the guests is perfect right now! Hello to the parents, the groomsmen, the friends and maybe the aunt from New York ?

  • 4. The essence of free marriage and your story

in the Of course, the focus is on your story and this is exactly what is celebrated on the wedding day. How did you meet? What binds you together every day, what are your common dreams and visions? How was the marriage proposal that brings all your loved ones together for the celebration of your love?

  • 5. The ceremonial climax, the ring swap and the marriage vows

This part of a free wedding ceremony is like the rest of the way very individual. Lots of couples want one Ring swap and this can also be designed very differently. But some couples do not want to change their rings again after the registry office – here, too, there are nice ways to get a Shape ritual. It is a very emotional moment if the couple is for one Marriage vows / Wedding vows decides. And if you’d like to add music, this is of course perfect for exchanging rings!

Even the most beautiful free wedding has to come to an end at some point. I love to finish with one more Writing poem for the couple – one small homage to you and your story. It’s also nice to have a little one for the guests Provide information about what will happen immediately after the wedding. And finally, maybe one Announcement for the photos: A applause on the bride and groom and a Reception by rose petals and soap bubbles! ?

to saveEverything you need to know about it - Everything you need to know about it!

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7. How does a free marriage become legally valid?

Only the closing of the marriage by a registrar makes a marriage legally binding. The civil wedding can often also be performed as part of a free wedding ceremony. The civil marriage is for this reduced to the minimum required by law and included in the process of the ceremony. Of the Registrars takes over during a free marriage the legal part the marriage, the free speaker then the emotional part of the wedding including ring exchange. In this way, the bride and groom are officially married after a free wedding ceremony.

8. Tips for your free wedding ceremony

  • Make sure that the free wedding / ceremony is not longer than takes a maximum of 45 minutes – Otherwise you could lose the attention of the guests ?
  • Very important when designing the free wedding ceremony: think first and foremost of what is important to you and connect you! Did you get to know each other on a beach vacation? Then celebrate your free wedding by the sea! Do you love jazz? Then hire a great jazz musician who will take on the musical design of your wedding ceremony. There are no limits to your wishes!
  • Integrated emotional rituals and make your ceremony varied. Also beautiful Anecdotes about your acquaintance story ensure that the wedding ceremony is certainly not boring.
  • Feel free to involve your family, friends and groomsmen in the ceremony. Everyone could tell a nice anecdote about your common story – and even with a free wedding you can Intercession implemented very nicely.
  • Think of the guests too! Are you getting married outdoors? Is it a hot summer day? Provides sufficient water and sun protection (parasols).

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