Everything you need to know about peonies

It is peony time again and with it the flower time when the flowers with the hundred petals move into our living rooms, offices and dining rooms. The beautiful peonies were already to be found in ancient China in the gardens of the nobles and were associated with luck, wealth and nobility. And even today, Paeonia gives us a lot of joy around Pentecost. Whether white, creamy white, coral, rose, pink or bordeaux red – these flowers are always a real eye-catcher! But what is the best way to care for your peony? In which vase do you arrange the impressive flowers? So that the joy lasts for a long time, we have 5 tips for caring for peonies!

What types of peonies are there?

Since the Paeonia in May and June begins to bloom, it is also one of the most popular Wedding flowers at this time of year. Understandable, after all, there are a large number of different varieties and all of them are unique in their own way! In their pastel tones, they definitely go perfectly with the desired wedding design. Or in every living room.
We want to introduce you to our favorites:

  • Madame Claude Tain – the ball-shaped, double and pleasant, slightly fragrant flower is (slightly creamy) white. Noble and refreshing at the same time, it is a real eye-catcher in your vase.
  • Duchesse de Nemours – elegant, graceful, magnificent. The lush, double flower shines in a pure white and smells wonderful and delicate.
  • Dr. A. Fleming – Outside pastel pink, inside discreetly white and bright yellow stamens. The double flower not only impresses with its appearance, but also with its particularly long shelf life.
  • Coral Sunset – The name says it all. With its play of colors, the ball-shaped, splendidly double flower is reminiscent of the setting sun on the wide beach and a delicate sea breeze.
  • Coral charm – the delicate flower is slightly filled and on the one hand impresses with its color gradient – pink on the inside, pink on the outside! – on the other hand, through its intense fragrance.
  • Red Charme or Karl Rosenfield – What a splendid splendor! Strong bordeaux red, bright, ball-shaped, abundantly double flowers and a delicate fragrance.

5 tips for your peonies

1. The cutting

Do you have peonies in your garden and would you like to bring these special joy makers into your living room or on your dining table? Then make sure when cutting that the flowers are not too crispy, i.e. still too closed. When buying, you should make sure that there is some color in the middle of the spherical bud. So the bloom should already begin to break open. Otherwise it can happen that it does not make it to blossom and falls asleep within itself.

2. The right vase

The peony does not like vases that are too shallow. The stem should be cut about 15-20 cm long and therefore needs space in a higher vase! The water should by no means be too cold and should be replaced every other day – be careful! Your Paeonia is very thirsty! So always keep an eye on the water level.

3. The arrangement

Admittedly, the peony loves to be the center of attention. She likes to present herself as the leading actress in an otherwise very reserved arrangement. As you can see in the picture, she is also a great solo artist!

1632412381 37 Everything you need to know about peonies - Everything you need to know about peonies
The peony as the main actress
1632412381 994 Everything you need to know about peonies - Everything you need to know about peonies
A delicate, blossoming bud as a single eye-catcher

4. The leaves

Even if the strong, green leaves are beautiful – they need a lot of energy. And it is precisely these that your flowers need in order to be able to fully unfold. It is therefore essential to remove most of the leaves (not all of them!) So that the capillaries are free and can draw water after a beveled, sharp cut. So the flower is well cared for and develops splendidly!

5. Romantic petals

The peony is not only an eye-catcher on your table in its full bloom. From the bud to its development, even to its withering, the flower undergoes a unique, sensational transformation. If your peonies begin to wither, give them a chance to surprise you at this stage as well. Falling petals that dry silently have not yet lost their very own romance and charm. They even smell wonderful!

1632412381 928 Everything you need to know about peonies - Everything you need to know about peonies
The Chloe bouquet impresses with its elegance. With delicate peonies and branched roses, it is perfect for flattering someone. Would you like to make someone happy with this bouquet? Then take a look at our online shop!

Buy peonies in Vienna

From May 17th to 23rd, 2021 we are organizing the “Peony Week” in our pop-up store. You can buy all kinds of peonies from us all week – just come over!

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