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From Asia to Australia to South Africa: This time our BLOOMS of the week “Exotic Bliss” come from all over the world. With a combination of strong, beautiful flowers in many colors, a large portion of happiness, colorful exoticism and exclusivity is guaranteed this week!

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With its beautiful flowers in many colors is the Gerberas one of the most popular cut flowers ever. Up to 900 million of these are grown in the Netherlands every year – in 600 different varieties! Belonging to the plant family of the Asteraceae, it originally comes from Asia, South Africa and South America. Their flower colors range from soft pastel tones to strong pink, yellow or red. With the right care, the gerbera will last for a long time. It is important to have a clean vase with fresh, lukewarm water. It should be noted that the stems cut at an angle should be a maximum of five cm in the water. In the past, gerberas were propped up with steel wire to prevent their stems from breaking. However, modern cultivars are now so robust that a wire only prevents the flowers from turning in the direction of the light and thus changes the shape of the bouquet. Although it has no official symbolic meaning, the radiant flowers of the gerbera say: “Everything is more beautiful with you.” Their colorful appearance creates positive feelings in everyone and is suitable for every occasion: as a compliment, for a birthday or just for fun.

The exclusive one offers a playful contrast “Grevillea Spiderman”, often also called silver areas. Like all silver plants, it belongs to the Proteace family and is very popular with bees and small birds due to its high nectar content. This delicate and extremely rare Australian flower bush is also popular with people around the world in parks and gardens due to its beautiful flowers. Especially in the vase it turns every arrangement into an unusual specialty! In bright yellow and with finely haired elongated leaves, this magnificent plant is not only characterized by its exclusive beauty, it was also traditionally used by the Aborigines as food. Their sweet, honey-tasting nectar was mixed with water and served as a sweet soft drink. In this bouquet it is the perfect link between the Gerbera and the Monarda Pico Bello.

Coming from North America, the Monarda Pico Bello in intense pink completes the BLOOMEN of the week with its exotic appearance and authentic smell. It owes its graceful appearance to the attractive, feathery flowers, which smell of aromatic orange and mint in intense colors. Also known as Indian nettle or gold balm, it has therefore been used for centuries for seasoning or tea and, as a cut flower, also spreads a wonderful scent. In this bouquet it also stands for harmony and lightness. It reminds you of the beautiful things in life and makes the BLOOMEN of the week not only a joy for the eye, but also creates real happiness and spring fever!

One thing is certain this week: the BLOOMEN of the week bring a large portion of happiness into every room!

Our vase recommendation for “Exotic Bliss”

For this bouquet we recommend a table vase with a wide opening so that the individual flowers come into their own.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Exotic Bliss”!

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