Expert from essen & in an interview

Expert from essen in an interview - Expert from essen & in an interview
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In addition to the perfect Wedding menu selection play them too matching drinks an important role. A festive menu calls for one ambitious wine selection, which completes the enjoyment of all dishes. We’ve been talking to the editor and Wine expert Benedikt Ernst from eat Drink, the most popular food magazine in Germany, and find out what the Wine selection for your wedding really matters:

  • Wine selection at the wedding

When compiling one wedding dinner very few bridal couples find it difficult to wine selection it looks completely different. If bridal couples do not necessarily come from a typical wine region or are passionate wine lovers, it is often difficult for them to suitable wines for your wedding day to select. Grape variety, winery & Co. are terms, with which not all bridal couples are well versed. So what criteria should bridal couples use to best select wines that are served with the menu and complete it? We asked exactly this question in an interview with Benedikt Ernst, who, as an expert on popular food & drink magazine gave valuable tips about the choice of wine for your dream wedding.

Expert from essen in an interview - Expert from essen & in an interview

  • How important is the choice of wine for the success of a wedding? And how do bridal couples approach this topic?

Benedict Ernst: An ambitious wine accompaniment is the crown on every carefully put together menu. At weddings, the final selection of wines usually in coordination with the caterer or the wedding location met – the range can be correspondingly large or small. Always remember: Service providers often fall back on a “trusted wine dealer” when stocking their wine range. At best, this one can individually tailored wine accompaniment for the wedding offer, tailored to the menu and the available budget. Good communication between all parties involved is worth its weight in gold!

  • Which wines should not be missing at a good wedding?

Benedict Ernst: In any case At least one red wine, one white wine and one sparkling wine should be offered will. If there is only one wine per category, it is advisable to use all-rounders. With champagne you rarely go wrong with sparkling wine, a good Cremant de Loire but can also convince and protects the wallet. The white wine should convince with fresh fruit and elegant acidity – a case for Pinot Gris or Pinot Blanc. If only one red wine is selected, it should by no means be too heavy. Fruity wines with a medium alcohol content and a certain juiciness have the edge here, for example a German Pinot Noir, French Cotes du Rhone or Italian Montepulciano. Well-made rosé wines, which have more to offer than just superficial berry aromas, can make an excellent accompaniment to food and are becoming increasingly popular.

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  • How do bridal couples match these wines to the respective wedding menu?

Benedict Ernst: Many bridal couples find it difficult to coordinate the individual courses. There is some little tipswho help make a skilful selection hold true. Fresh salad using a vinaigrette works for example excellent with a fruity Verdejo from the Spanish white wine stronghold Rueda. Light, creamy soups should not be confronted with strong acidity from wine; Chardonnay can achieve top form here. For clear soups with meat, look to Swabia: A light Trollinger with nice fruit and little body tastes just as good with Maultaschen in broth as it does with a classic wedding soup.

  • What does the wine selection look like in detail when combined with the main courses?

Benedict Ernst: Some main dishes make it easy for the wine accompaniment because they perfect match have long found. A rather light Pinot Noir is the ideal counterpart to opulent roast goose, the Roasted aromas of steak go well with the racy characteristics of Shiraz and Malbec, white asparagus loves Franconian Silvaner and Seafood French Muscadet. More often, however, the selection does not necessarily depend on the main component, but rather on how it is prepared and the sauce that goes with it. Steamed fish with a mild sauce can quickly of intense tasting wines be rolled over, here are restrained white wines such as Pinot Grigio required. Fried or grilled fish, on the other hand, tolerate stronger fruit aromas, as they are at white Bordeaux wines or find it right next to the rosé. Braised Meat is usually accompanied by a concentrated sauce on the plate, so the accompaniment should be correspondingly strong – Red wines from Chianti or Spanish Rioja bring joy here. at vegetarian dishes the vegetable often acts as a buffer for both acidity and sweetness. here we can White wines with distinctive aromas shine, for example Sauvignon Blanc or Scheurebe.

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  • What recommendations do you have for dessert?

Benedict Ernst: Desserts can with one suitable sweet wine be raised to a higher level. The wine should be able to match the sweetness of the dessert here: A sweet Riesling Kabinett goes well with fruity-fresh desserts, but would go down against chocolate. Beerenauslese or fortified wines like Port or Madeira can work wonders if they properly matched to the flavors of the dessert are. And finally: Think of the beer drinkers too. thanks to the Craft beer wave are today fruity, hoppy styles like Pale Ale and IPA, spiced beers like Wit or sour beers like Gose are available, which opens up unimagined possibilities for creative food pairing. A good Pilsner or Helles and a wheat beer from a regional brewery should at least be ready.

With these tips one stands perfect wine selection for your wedding nothing more in the way! Many thanks for the interview to the gourmet expert and editor for beverage topics at essen & wasser, Benedikt Ernst, and for the great tips about the Wine selection & the wedding menu.

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