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Flaming Flamingo –

A burning bonfire for every room! Our BLOOMS of the week “Flaming Flamingo” ignite a bright color accent this week and are as beautifully tender as only lilies can be.

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The Kniphofia uvaria Alcazar with its huge flower candles ignites a red-orange fireworks display. No wonder you can do them too Torch lily or Rocket flower is called! The eye-catching flower originally comes from the warm south and east of Africa; a few of the 70 species are also found in distant Madagascar. Because of its origin, it feels particularly comfortable in sunny locations. The most striking feature of the up to 150 centimeter tall plant is its flower head, which blooms like a grape in a bright scarlet to bright orange and often runs downwards in a lighter shade. On closer inspection you can see that the flower head consists of a multitude of individual, fine flower tubes, which birds like to visit in summer because of the sweet nectar. This preference in turn explains the stable construction plan of the flower: In order to be able to carry the weight of the hungry birds, it has a particularly strong flower stem.

This week, the rocket flower will be joined by an old friend: the classic pink lily. Few flowers are as symbolic as they are. Femininity, purity, love, transience – just four of the many meanings associated with the lily. So it is not surprising that the beautiful flower is often used for weddings and other celebrations. The lily was planted in gardens as early as the second millennium BC, making it one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world! In painting, too, a real hype developed about the delicate flower and, due to its significance, made it an important symbol in the art scene.

The two types of lily shine together this week and are an exotic, colorful highlight in every room!

Our vase recommendation for “Flaming Flamingo”

For this bouquet we recommend a high table vase so that the bouquet remains compact and comes into its own.

We wish you a great week and lots of fun with “Flaming Flamingo”!

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Flaming Flamingo Bloomy Blog - Flaming Flamingo -

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