Flower subscription as an extraordinary wedding gift

You have been invited to a wedding and are still looking for the perfect wedding present? A wedding is a very special event, which the bride and groom ideally experience only once in a lifetime. Of course, everything should be perfect – from the preparations to the honeymoon. As an invited wedding guest, you can also do your part by giving the newlyweds an unforgettable gift on their big day. But that is often easier said than done. Some newlyweds decide on a list of things they need, while others just want something for the piggy bank. But what to give if nothing is given? Many guests find it difficult – which is completely understandable. What should you choose then? Something practical, like a kitchen appliance? Or is it just money? Certainly not wrong, because you can always use money, and if it is nicely arranged, a gift of money does not seem unkind. But money as a wedding gift is not particularly imaginative. Our flower subscription as a wedding gift, for example, is much more original.

Flower subscription as an extraordinary wedding gift - Flower subscription as an extraordinary wedding gift

A flower subscription as the perfect wedding gift

With the BLOOMY DAYS flower subscription, the gift recipients receive a fresh bouquet of flowers, suitable for the season, delivered straight to their home at regular intervals – weekly, every two weeks or once a month. You can make the duration completely variable and the BLOOMY DAYS flower subscription is not automatically extended. You can also send a small gift with the first delivery, for example a bottle of fine Crémant. The flower subscription not only fits very well with a wedding thematically. With this wedding gift you ensure that the couple will be reminded of their special big day long after they have finished. Every new bouquet will bring back wonderful memories. In addition, there is the great surprise effect, as the couple does not know which flower arrangement awaits them with the respective delivery. The fresh flowers will definitely enhance the look of your home and put you in a good mood!

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Order the flower subscription from BLOOMY DAYS as a wedding gift from € 19.99 per delivery. If the recipient is absent, for example due to a vacation trip, the flower delivery can be paused at any time. Order an original wedding gift here right now and ensure long-lasting flowery joy.

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