Flowers for Valentine’s Day –

Flowers for Valentine's Day -

Flowers for Valentine’s Day from BLOOMY DAYS
Flowers for Valentines Day - Flowers for Valentine's Day -

No matter what you think of Valentine’s Day, one thing is certain: every woman is happy to receive a little present on February 14th. For those who are unsure what to give away for this occasion, we have a special tip that will make your eyes sparkle – the BLOOMY DAYS “Subscription of the Month”! Your loved one will be surprised with wonderful bouquets all year round. Believe us, when flowers come not just once but regularly, the joy is even greater!

For Valentine’s Day we will even reveal the secret in advance and tell you which bouquet it will be: a spring-like temptation of white tulips and fragrant eucalyptus. With the Valentine’s Day subscription, an elegant glass vase is enclosed with the flowers, which is perfectly matched to the bouquet.


Flowers for Valentines Day - Flowers for Valentine's Day -

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