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Home office or everyday office life? This question is asked all the time at the moment, whether by friends, family members or to start a small talk. Regardless of which country you come from or where you are currently, you can do something with this question. Because at the moment we all have one thing in common – solidarity in a difficult phase. A cohesion that many of our generations were not yet familiar with. But now, due to the Corona crisis, we are all concerned with the same issues: treating each other with respect, health and longing for old habits.

Unfortunately, we can’t perform magic, but we can try to make the best of it and give you joy with our flowers, as difficult as times seem, turn your home office into a fragrant flower office or be the gift that you just can’t deliver yourself can. We try to be there in every situation and try to support you on every occasion.

In this article we would like to specifically address your home office or workplace. A place where you spend so much time should also be able to convey joy or a pretty sight, even when it comes to work. We are sure that our new Early summer range can do just that for you.

We are curious which arrangement you will choose. Share your flowery home office on Instagram or Facebook and tag us on it. We are looking forward to the results.

Tip: cut the flowers out of ours Early summer collection on arrival at an angle with a sharp knife and then place them in a clean vase with lukewarm water – this way the flowers open faster. Please note that our flowers are delivered in bud. Closed peonies can take up to a week to bloom. here you can find out more about Cut flower care.

In our Online shop More beautiful bouquets await you. So feel free to drop by and find the right gift for every occasion or inspiration for your own four walls!

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