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Created November 2, 2021

This blog article is about atmospheric photography in autumn. The fourth season shows itself in wonderful play of colors, often in stark contrast, for example to the dark trunks of the trees. This color change is unique every year.

FotoalbumshopdeBlog Take pictures in autumn - Fotoalbumshop.de/Blog |  Take pictures in autumn

Catch the mood …

When we think of autumn photos, the focus is primarily on the color orange, surrounded by shades from yellow to fiery red to deep burgundy and brown. It is always worth looking for a particularly beautiful subject to photograph. Plants, leaves, tree bark or mushrooms in the moss bed are ideal for this. Just look for the unusual with strong contrasts.

The autumn sunlight

The midday sun leads to very dominant shadows in autumn. In areas with a lot of trees, however, the midday hours are exactly the right time to catch the brightly colored foliage. The sunlight makes the colors appear all the more. The sunlight falling through the branches brings the leaves to an unforgettable glow and glow.

1635869276 745 FotoalbumshopdeBlog Take pictures in autumn - Fotoalbumshop.de/Blog |  Take pictures in autumn

The red, orange, yellow and brown leaves in autumn make wonderful photo opportunities. Whether a colorful cover of leaves that lies like a glowing carpet over the ground or the remaining leaves on the trees – the contrast of the trunks, as can be seen here in the picture, looks simply beautiful.

At first glance the photo looks very clear in terms of colors, but if you take a closer look, you can see the fog fields in the background, which give the picture a very special flair. Autumn is a real paradise for interesting photos. The bright colors of the leaves, the light and weather conditions are ideal for particularly great motifs.

Simply cinematic …

With all the colorful leaves, you quickly forget that autumn also has other motifs to offer, such as tree bark, mushrooms or forest animals. If you have discovered the latter, it is advisable to take several pictures at the same time, as such an opportunity does not arise very often. This very photogenic hedgehog was surprisingly patiently photographed and the material was just ready for a movie. So a few days later I got the idea to glue the photos behind a film strip made of photo cardboard. If you also have use for such a frame, you are welcome to print out the template using the button.

… and this is how it is done:

Download the template sheet for the film strip and print it out.
Staple the sheet onto a piece of black photo cardboard and trace the contours vigorously with a prickle needle. It is best to use a ruler to make the lines nice and straight. After removing the template, the lines are clearly visible on the cardboard, so that the surfaces can be easily removed with a cutter. Then cut the photos to the right size and fix them with glue behind the film strip.

Now you can do your fall scene put in a great photo album. Make the pages interesting, label them with dates or stick in small memos. Always look for something special when selecting accessories. You can find a variety of inspirations for designing photo pages in the previous posts. Just browse through our blog, get ideas for implementation and have a lot of fun!

1635869276 929 FotoalbumshopdeBlog Take pictures in autumn - Fotoalbumshop.de/Blog |  Take pictures in autumn

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