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Created January 4th 2021

It started snowing. The first snow in this year. First I sat by the window for hours and watched huge, white flakes float down from the sky. almost like a fairy tale. A beautiful blanket of white snow has gradually covered every inch of the landscape. In a nutshell: Winter shows itself from its most beautiful side.

Winter in a new outfit

What a beautiful sight! Snow as far as you can see. Still in a pure white – untouched. Because we know that this sight is always only a snapshot, the keyword has already been mentioned.

FotoalbumshopdeBlog Winter 2021 An idea from the FotoalbumshopdeBlog - Fotoalbumshop.de/Blog |  Winter 2021

Even if winter shows up every year, in some regions it is not a matter of course to actually get such an amount of snow “on the doorstep” in front of the camera. Therefore, the photos did not stay on the hard drive but were the prelude to the start of a new photo album for the year 2021.

Above & Above …

Even though I gave this page the title “Above and Above” (I thought that went very well with the snow, which is also haywire), I created the site in a very structured way.

1632459083 182 FotoalbumshopdeBlog Winter 2021 An idea from the FotoalbumshopdeBlog - Fotoalbumshop.de/Blog |  Winter 2021

The eye immediately perceives the corner points of the individual elements. In this way you have the possibility to accommodate many different sizes and shapes without the end result looking restless.

It is best if you first create a “framework” for yourselfwithout gluing the individual elements. Most of the time you push the photos and texts back and forth for a while before they have their final place.

With this framework, I have focused on 3 cornerstones. That means: the edges and corners are at the same height to each other.

All other elements are now created in such a way that they are based on the heights or corners. You can play between the shapes.

The interaction

I set a little further focal point through the red snowflake. It reflects the color of the iced berries in the picture with the blackbird.

If you are happy with the arrangement of all the elements, you can gradually change them stick on. Small accessories like the texts are very easy to create in Word and I have the snowflakes with me Motif punching punched out.

Not only in winter do so many experiences and incidents happen that are worthwhile for the future in the form of photos all in one album to be held. Nothing can capture moments like weddings or birthdays as well as photographs. Important and beautiful occasions such as baptism, communion, anniversary, wedding, birthday or dream vacation should never disappear from memory. And the unique design of images in one Photo album in portrait or landscape format bring every moment back to life in a few years.

I like to use one myself Spiral albumbecause it not only looks good, but also convinces me with its convenient handling. Due to the spirals, the pages can be turned over very easily and the album then remains in this position.

1632459083 510 FotoalbumshopdeBlog Winter 2021 An idea from the FotoalbumshopdeBlog - Fotoalbumshop.de/Blog |  Winter 2021

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Image 1: efPercy05-pixabay

Image 2: PenjaK-pixabay and Larisa-Koshkina-pixabay

Image 3: stephanie-feghelm

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