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On 07/30 it’s the day of friendship again. Have you heard of that day before? The following is a brief history – don’t worry, we’ll keep it short: International Friendship Day is repeated every year on July 30th. The purpose of this day is to remember the importance of friendship between people, countries and cultures. Incidentally, it was toasted in Paraguay in 1958, and in 2011 the United Nations officially declared the day International Friendship Day.

What do you think? Why did your friends deserve flowers? We asked in our office once. Perhaps the thoughts of our colleagues inspire you to appreciate the little things more.

Saskia from Marketing:

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“I would give my friend Anni flowers on Friendship Day because she can always make me laugh. It exudes a kind of lightness and can easily transfer it to others. This can be particularly helpful in difficult times. “

Lina from e-commerce:

“I think you should give your friends flowers much more often because everyone loves flowers! In addition, the recipient thinks of you for several days while the flowers beautify everyday life in the apartment – especially during the long home office days! “

Fine from marketing:

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“On Friendship Day, my girlfriend deserves a colorful and wild arrangement that is just as unconventional and diverse as she is. That’s what I like most about her and you can also show that from time to time. “

Kendra from Marketing:

“Because my friend Sophia has just moved into her new apartment and there is still some color missing, I am sending her our ‘Tropical Crush’ arrangement for Friendship Day.”

Franzi from Marketing:

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“I could actually give my best friend Fiona flowers all the time, because she always helps me with a wide variety of things and she is an absolute fan of flowers. Friendship Day on July 30th this year would be the ideal time to send her a little thank you and a token of appreciation – because especially now after her surgery, she is not quite fit on her feet again and is sure to be really happy about some color in your four walls. “

Moritz from product management:

“For my neighbor because she is going through some difficult times. A colorful bouquet as a small gift and a few nice words will certainly cheer you up. “

Fabienne from e-commerce:

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“My best friend Selina earned flowers 365 days a year because she would be there for me every single day. You can have a large group of friends, but what matters is having one friend you can rely on 24/7. If you can laugh together while others don’t understand the joke or get back together after a big argument, that’s the true friendship that counts. “

Larissa from the graphic:

“Of course my best buddy Max, because he always has an open ear for me and I just want to say thank you for that. In addition, the ‘Springbreak’ arrangement would bring a little color to his bachelor apartment, which was very sporadically furnished. “

Florian from the editorial office:

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“I would give flowers to my roommate, who has also become a good friend over time! We not only share the apartment, but also our everyday life, joy and worries. And so completely between us I would have something of a great flower arrangement on the common kitchen table myself. “

Kerstin from the editorial team:

“My best friend lives in another city, so we don’t see each other very often. Flowers are the perfect way to just say, ‘I’m thinking of you. You are important to me!'”

We hope that today we were able to give you a little food for thought on Friendship Day and that we were able to inspire you with the words of our colleagues. We are really excited to see how many favorite people will be surprised on Friendship Day! Please link us on Instagram if you got caught! And remember: You don’t have to wait for Friendship Day to show your friends how much you love them – a small text message in between will certainly put a smile on their faces. ?

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