From boho to chic – outfit ideas for the wedding

/ad/ A wedding invitation! The joy is great and one question immediately comes to the fore: what do I wear?! I went on a search and put together several outfit ideas for the wedding for you.

From boho to chic – there is definitely something for you with these dresses! Have fun shopping!

From boho to chic outfit ideas for the wedding - From boho to chic - outfit ideas for the wedding

Dresses for the wedding in a casual boho look

The trendy boho style is also easy to implement for wedding guests, because almost anything is allowed as long as it’s casual, casual and relaxed! You can wear these outfit ideas for the wedding even after the party!

Men wear their jackets open, if at all. You’ll look in vain for ties here. Suspenders are a popular accessory for this. The pants are fashionably ankle-length and if you like, you can loosely roll up the shirt sleeves.

As a female wedding guest you can hardly avoid a dress. It should be flowing, comfortable and yet fine enough for the occasion. Sandals go well with the look, as do layered necklaces. The Phase Eight dresses are made for it! Here are my favourites:

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Outfit ideas for an elegant wedding

You are invited to a wedding party in the castle? Should everything look festive and elegant?

If the bridal couple asks for an elegant dress code for the wedding, fine fabrics are required. Feminine cuts, beautiful silhouettes and delicate colors are welcome. But you can also wear chic trouser suits with sophisticated details.

Timeless dresses in pastel shades, short bolero jackets and delicate scarves complete your outfit. At Phase Eight you will also find what you are looking for in this style. Isn’t the jumpsuit a great alternative to a dress?

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This has to be considered as a guest when it comes to the wedding outfit

There are a few rules that wedding guests should follow when it comes to outfits.

Only the bride wears white, that’s probably clear to everyone. Nobody says anything about a white shirt with a colorful skirt. But a full, bright outfit in cream colors is really reserved for the female main character.

Better too chic than too casual. If you are unsure about the choice of outfit, choose an outfit that is a little more elegant. Beautiful shoes, a scarf, jewelery or stylish make-up also enhance simpler clothing. This also applies to men, by the way!

Watch out for them Wishes expressed by the bridal couple in the invitation. Some value a certain color and want a detail with it. Others tie in with the wedding theme, for example the wedding in the mountains.

A wedding should be fun and you can also see that in the outfit. Dress up for you and the bridal couple and enjoy the party to the fullest!

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