Funeral decorations and funeral flowers in the Munich area from professionals

Funeral decorations and funeral flowers in Munich

Saying goodbye to a loved one is an emotional process. What could be more obvious than to shape this moment as individually as the life of the person himself. In the greater Munich area, the generally applicable mourning culture of a religion or the region is increasingly taking a back seat. The focus is on the deceased. In order to commemorate him and to preserve the memories, Christoph Anzer designs an individual mourning decoration full of personality. It is about the tailor-made decoration for the farewell ceremony in the church or in the crematorium and in the cemetery. But also about the design of the farewell party with friends and family. Due to Corona we were and are forced to give up this important ritual of being together. A new trend can already be observed today. There will be retrospective memorial services to honor those who have died. In any case, you create a venerable setting with individual funeral decorations and funeral flowers.

Funeral decorations and funeral flowers in the Munich area from - Funeral decorations and funeral flowers in the Munich area from professionals

Individual funeral flowers in the Munich area

Christoph Anzer is a passionate Munich decorator. In his own flower workshop, together with florists, he conjures up decorations full of personality. Funeral flowers and funeral decorations are particularly important to him. In this sensitive phase of life, a lot of finesse is required. This applies to the consultation as well as the decoration itself. The funeral decorations and the farewell ceremony often have to be realized in a very short time. It is all the more important that you know you are in good hands when it comes to decoration. In contrast to a garden center, the Munich decorator takes on a wide variety of tasks. He makes the mourning decorations for the grave and urn. The crematorium or the church can be individually decorated on request. Flowers usually play an important role when saying goodbye. But also a picture frame, a slide show, symbols that shaped the life of the deceased are important elements of mourning decoration. Not to forget the lighting and the color design. The Munich decorator combines all your wishes into a harmonious ensemble. He creates an unforgettable setting for an unforgettable person.

Decoration for the funeral service in the restaurant or at home

A meeting before or after the mourning ceremony with the closest circle is one of the rituals that have become dear. Christoph Anzer takes all the precautions for you to design the funeral service in the restaurant or at your home with decorative elements. Here, too, the focus is on the personality of the deceased. Table decorations, interior design, a memorial table with photos, a souvenir pouch with your favorite candy and a photo of the deceased are all possible options. The funeral decorations for the farewell party are based on the spatial conditions and your personal wishes.

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Commemoration of the anniversary of the death with individual decoration

On the anniversary of the death or the retrospective celebration of death, friends and family meet to commemorate the dead. A ritual that will be increasingly celebrated by Corona. This gathering can be planned with peace of mind. The first shock is over. With the mourning decoration for the memorial service, the memories of the deceased are awakened. The Munich decorator decorated the place of the meeting for the commemoration. This may be the deceased’s favorite restaurant or place. Contact us to discuss funeral decorations in the Munich area.

In the Munich area, we work closely with the funeral home Munich Pietät. Ms. Monika Suder and Ms. Barbara Nowak accompany you in bereavement with a lot of sensitivity and care. They not only take on the regular duties of a funeral home. They ensure that it is a unique and very personal farewell that focuses on life and the memory of the deceased.

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