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Who dreams of a romantic wedding on the beach, idyllic in the mountains or exclusive in New York?

Getting married abroad:

Instead of spending all that money on the wedding machinery, could you take it on something completely crazy? Too often it happens that couples get trapped in this wedding machinery. During the planning process you lose sight of yourself and your own goals and wishes. Pick a place that suits you. It is only your day!

At the moment you probably don’t dare to plan. When can you travel again at all?

Nevertheless, I would like to give you an overview of the most important things. Have courage and hold on to your dream.

This is how you can make your dream come true

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Getting married abroad:
The wedding is usually carried out in the respective national language. If you do not have the required language skills yourself, an interpreter is essential. Or just take a speaker from Germany with you to a free wedding.

Contact authorities

First of all, you need to contact the embassy of the country in which you want to get married. Likewise, the foreign authority that is supposed to consummate the marriage.

Documents for the wedding abroad

It is best to find out more about the exact requirements directly at the registry office of the chosen country of marriage. The following list can therefore differ:
▪ Identity card and passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the wedding date
▪ Certificate of descent / birth certificate, the document can be obtained from the registry office of the place of birth and must not be older than 6 months
▪ Certificate of marital status, is certified by a German registry office
▪ Certificate of residence stating your marital status, nationality and place of residence, available from the registration office in your place of residence
▪ Proof of the occupation practiced
▪ a visa, if applicable
In most countries, it is required that the documents are translated into the respective national language by an officially licensed translator and notarized. At the latest two months before the wedding date, all the required documents should be sent to the competent authority abroad.

Recognition of the wedding in Germany

A wedding abroad is recognized in Germany if local laws have been complied with. the couple met the legal marriage requirements. In addition, the government agency must issue, sign and certify the foreign marriage certificate. The foreign language certificate must then be translated into German by an officially recognized translator.


Whether dream wedding in the Maldives or idyllic on Lake Garda, there are no limits to the possibilities. There is something for every budget. In the off-season, you can get great bargains with expensive arrangements.


In addition to the usual travel cancellation insurance, there is also a special wedding insurance. If something has to be postponed, rebooked or the trip canceled, you are covered.

How do I transport my wedding dress?

Transporting the wedding dress is a bit of a challenge. With some airlines, you can take your dress with you in your hand luggage and store it in a special cupboard on board. The dress should be in a sturdy, waterproof garment bag

Are you still dreaming of a heavenly wedding on the beach? Turquoise blue sea, white sandy beaches and a wonderful sunset?

Getting married abroad:

If you need help with planning there are special travel agencies or a wedding planner.

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