Look beautiful in your table vase: mini gladioli

Our short-stemmed BLOOMS OF THE WEEK are a real smoke of color – we will send you a great mini-gladiolus for your table vase, each in the colors pink, white, lilac and pink.


The mini gladiolus is a special breed of gladiolus and belongs to the iridaceae family. It proudly presents its magnificent flowers and is in no way inferior to its “big sister”. Its name is derived from the Latin word gladius (= sword), which is why it is also referred to as sword flower in German usage. They are popular garden and balcony plants because they are very weather-resistant. So you can enjoy their colorful blooms for years. In contrast to their big sister, they stay low, so they don’t blow over or bend. Like all types of gladioli, mini-gladioli are richly blooming and excellent cut flowers.


This powerful charisma was already perceived in ancient Rome. In gladiatorial fights, swordsmen fought for “death or gladioli”. The winner not only escaped death, but was showered with gladioli. Since those days the gladiolus has stood for strength and victory.


Cut minigladioli diagonally and place the stems in a vase with lukewarm water together with the supplied flower freshener.

Decoration tip: Thanks to the sturdy stems, the mini-gladioli are also ideal for sticking in floral foam.

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