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Exoticism, lots of flowers and intense colors make our BLOOMS of the week “Glamorous Peacock” a high-quality eye-catcher this time. With the anthurium, allium and snapdragon a high glamor factor is guaranteed!

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The appearance of the Anthurium already reveals its exotic origin. Coming from South America, the anthurium is an extremely high-quality plant and a cut flower with a long shelf life. Their looks don’t disappoint either. The glossy surface together with the distinctive shape of its leaves crowned by a unique flower bulb make the anthurium a glamorous eye-catcher. Its shape also gives it the name “Anthurium”, which comes from the Greek and means “blossom” or “tail”. With its extravagant look, it symbolizes exoticism, self-confidence and dominance. It is therefore a very popular gift: whether for a good friend with a sense of individuality, to leave an impression on business partners or as a gift for a person with a strong character – the Anthurium is always well received!

Allium, also known colloquially as ornamental onion, plays a major role in popular superstition. The plant has been used for centuries to drive away calamities, diseases and witches. This is mainly due to their affiliation to the bulb family. Due to the unusual inflorescence, the ornamental onion is a very special surprise within the onion family. The spectacular ball of multiple small single flowers impresses with its intense purple in every bouquet. Like the anthurium, it is characterized by an excellent shelf life and also does very well as a dried flower. To avoid an onion-like smell, it is advisable to put the stems in the water immediately after cutting.

A nice contrast to the allium is the fragrant and delicate flower of the Snapdragon. Belonging to the plantain family, the Latin translation of its scientific name “Antirrhinum majus” means “same as nose”. Her small, lovely flowers in clear white stand for both innocence and seduction. That is why they are often seen as symbols of deception. In the old days it was even common to send snapdragons in a closed basket as a “flower rejection” in order to reject a marriage proposal. Today, however, it is an extremely popular and splendid cut flower, which acts as a great counterpart to the exotic anthurium and the extroverted allium, especially in this bouquet.

Our BLOOMS of the week are completed with the “Ruscus Israel”, a particularly distinctive plant that – as the name suggests – originally comes from Israel. Often called butcher’s broom, it belongs to the asparagus family and has a pleasant herbal scent. It is a popular medicinal plant that is used, among other things, as a medicine against varicose veins or venous disorders. It is also very popular as a cut flower, because it makes every arrangement a perfect whole. In this bouquet she stylishly combines the three glamorous flower ladies and makes our BLOOMEN of the week a sensational eye-catcher!

Our vase recommendation for “Glamorous Peacock”

For this bouquet, we recommend a table vase with a wide opening so that the individual flowers come into their own.

We wish you a great week and lots of fun with “Glamorous Peacock”!

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