Glasses, dishes, cutlery – beautiful basics for your table

/ Advertising / Special table decorations on special days? Clear! But with these beautiful basics every meal becomes a holiday menu! At De Bijenkorf I found what I was looking for: glasses, crockery, cutlery, candles and beautiful placemats for everyday dining.

Everyone comes together at the dining table

Where do you eat, talk and celebrate? Where do you spend evenings with friends, have a long breakfast on Sundays and welcome guests? The dining table is so much more than a piece of furniture, it is often the central place where family life takes place.

Reason enough to give it a little update, because with a few selected pieces it is really fun to sit down here every day and spend time together.

Daily basics for your table

Here you can see my visualized wish list for our dining table. Modern and yet timeless is particularly important to me. Favorite pieces that you like to use every day and that also look great on special holidays. By the way, I have already summarized what makes a table a table in another article.

Glasses dishes cutlery beautiful basics for your table - Glasses, dishes, cutlery - beautiful basics for your table

My favorite parts at De Bijenkorf

Many do not dare to use an étagère (1). It is great for fruit, sweets, cheese and sausage, cakes … Actually there is always something that looks good on it!

Candles (2), especially these twisted ones, are absolute eye-catchers. I can easily change the look on the table with them. Such sets are always grateful, so you have a direct color palette that you can fish your way around.

A carafe (3) has magical powers. It turns simple water into a table drink. Especially if there are still a few slices of lemons in it.

Dishes. I love beautiful dishes. You can never have enough of them. The Iconic La Boule set from Villeroy & Boch (4) has a slim, modern shape and can be stacked into balls!

These are place mats (5)! Aren’t they cool? They nestle on the table like large pebbles.

Okay, pop, don’t mess is the message of this candle holder (6). I see him at the end of a long dining table where you rarely sit. There he can stand proud!

Wine glasses (7) are an absolute must. Every now and then a glass of red wine or a nice secco at the beginning of the weekend – that can happen!

In daily use, beautiful, high-quality cutlery (8) should really be a matter of course. This one is from Iittala.

Sustainable and beautiful: linen napkins. Keep them close at hand with the main meals and use them instead of kitchen towels etc. They are also jewelry, of course.

Are you also the ‘beautifully laid table’ team?

How do you like the selection? Would there be something for you too? Beautiful glasses, simple crockery and high-quality cutlery – it really doesn’t take much to give your everyday dining table a small upgrade.

Give it a try, because if you enjoy it every day, you really have a lot of fun with it!

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