Glitter Firework


We say goodbye to 2016 with lots and lots of glitter. It was a fantastic year in which we were able to collect many great moments and memories. It was a great pleasure for us to select fresh, seasonal cut flowers all year round and to surprise you with them. “Glitter Firework” is the crowning glory of a magical year. This week you will receive a combination of cymbidium and glitter ruscus for both the table vase and the floor vase.

You will receive this sparkling and extravagant bouquet from us until December 31, 2016. Order your flower subscription here or change your subscription By Tue, December 27th, 2016, choose the delivery date no later than December 31st, 2017 and look forward to your wonderful BLOOMS of the week!

the Cymbidium is a type of orchid that looks exotic but still very elegant and noble. Although orchids are always associated with tropical temperatures, this is not the case for the cymbidium. It grows on the southern slopes of the Himalayan Mountains and can even survive on rocky, nutrient-poor soil. In China, the cymbidium symbolizes a good, respectful friendship. So that this magnificent flower arrives at you only in the best condition, we send it either in small tubes filled with water or packed in a fresh bag, depending on the weather. Simply remove the tube or freshbag, cut the cymbidium fresh and you can put it in the vase. You can find more information about the cymbidium here.

Glitter Ruscus gives this bouquet a celebratory touch. Beware, glitter – these pretty branches live up to their name, so it is best to carefully unpack them on an insensitive surface. Glitter Ruscus lasts for a very long time and does not require water. You can find out more information about Glitzerruskus here.

Our vase recommendation for “Glitter Firework”

For our long-stemmed combination “Glitter Firework” we recommend a tall vase in which the large flowers of the cymbidium have enough space.

For the short-stemmed version of “Glitter Firework”, we also recommend a slightly higher table vase, which gives the flowers enough space and support.

We wish you a happy new year and a lot of joy, health and happiness for 2017.

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