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A combination of blue flower bells, white avalanche roses and playful gypsophila: the BLOOMEN of the week “Glorious Virgo” are a harmonious symphony of shapes and colors.

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The pale blue beauty, whose name indicates its shape, occurs in around 300 different species: The Bellflower.
It looks wonderfully playful and a little bit magical, with its little blue bells, which contrast strongly with the green foliage and therefore shine particularly brightly. So it’s no wonder that the bellflower was mentioned in all sorts of stories and volumes of poetry as early as the 16th century. Mostly in connection with figures from the world of legends – fairies and elves with headgear made from the flower heads.
The bellflower is considered to be particularly resilient and occurs in a wide variety of landscapes in the wild, for example on coastal strips or in high mountains. They bloom until September, which is why you can often find them on sunny autumn days while walking.

The second BLOOME of the week is an elegant classic: a type of rose called Avalanche, which is particularly characterized by its large flowers. As early as 2700 BC Was the rose cultivated in the gardens of the Chinese rulers and 600 BC It received its special nickname, which it has not lost to this day: the queen of flowers. The rose has always been given a variety of meanings, which differ depending on the color. Nevertheless, all roses have one thing in common: they all stand for a particularly expressive elegance and have been among the most popular flowers in the world since they were used in gardens and bouquets.

The avalanche is available in different colors, in our bouquet of the week it is characterized by a pure cream-white color that harmonizes wonderfully with the blue of the bellflower and the also white accessories named Gypsophila.

The gypsophila belongs to the carnation family and comes in white to pinkish-red. In bouquets, the plant looks very playful and enchants with the multitude of small flower stars that seem to explode wildly in all directions and give the bouquet a special naturalness.

Our vase recommendation for “Glorious Virgo”

For this bouquet we recommend a high table vase with a narrow opening to give the flowers the necessary support.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Glorious Virgo”!

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