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A touch of elegance! Our current BLOOMS of the week “Golden Lovers” are particularly stylish this week and shine with radiant, golden-yellow accents: Calla and lily combine modernity and elegance and shine in interaction with the delicate goldenrod and the deep green foliage from Ruscus Israeli.

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It was first known to the Romans as a symbol of luck and festivities – now it is one of the most popular flowers in our living rooms: the Calla. Its elegant, twisted petal stands alone on the straight flower stem and is therefore particularly expressive. Originally, the color spectrum of the calla, which comes from the swampy landscapes of Africa, was limited to a pure white. There are now cultivated forms in many bright colors. Its meaning is derived from the modern, filigree shape: the calla stands for purity, sympathy and happiness. So it’s no wonder that it is particularly popular at weddings!

The second BLOOME this week is a real queen among flowers: the white one lily. Its large flowers stand for purity and virginity, which is why it used to be preferred to decorate brides with crowns of white lilies on their wedding day – in the hope of a fruitful future. Even today it has not lost its significance and is still often used at weddings. In the wild, the lily can be found distributed across the globe. It blooms from Japan through Siberia to Europe and the south of the USA. There are more than 100 varieties of lilies that differ greatly in shape, size and color. With us, the lily is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and was planted in gardens as early as the second millennium BC.

As an accessory this week we have Ruscus Israeli and the well-known Goldenrod selected. While the intensely green Ruscus Israeli foliage creates an intense color contrast to the yellow flowers, the filigree goldenrod underlines a natural lightness and provides an informal, cheerful accent!

Our vase recommendation for “Golden Lovers”

For this bouquet we recommend a high table vase with a narrow opening to give the flowers the necessary support.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Golden Lovers”!

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