Goldenrod (Solidago) –

Goldenrod is also called Solidago and is always a nice accessory in bouquets. Find out more information here!

Botanical name: Solidago virgaurea

Genus: Goldenrod

Plant family: Asteraceae bot.

Occurrence: North America and Central Europe

Solidago is also called goldenrod when selected. Solidago is also known as the lush yellow of late summer. It is also a genus of plants from the sunflower family (bot. Asteraceae) and grows in large colonies on gravel and on paths and makes the world shine a little when the midsummer flowers slowly wither. Special healing powers are attributed to the Solidago. The aboveground plant parts collected during the flowering period are used medicinally, but the herb of the giant goldenrod (bot. Solidago gigantea) and the Canadian goldenrod (bot. Solidago canadensis) are also popular in herbal medicine. Solidago can also be drunk as tea, made as a tincture or herbal wine. The Canadian goldenrod is now more common than the real goldenrod, and its active ingredients and range of uses are similar to those of the real goldenrod. The inflorescences of the Canadian are broader, especially at their base. This gives them a roof-like appearance.

Care tips for goldenrod

Solidago is very easy to care for. When the flowers arrive, cut straight and then place them in a vase with plenty of fresh water. Be careful, however, that the leaves do not protrude into the water, as this could cloud the water and cause the leaves to rot. In order to enjoy the flowers for a long time, you should change the water every 2 days and freshly cut the flowers again. If the leaves become dry, they can simply be removed.

Goldenrod Solidago Bloomy Blog - Goldenrod (Solidago) -

Goldenrod Solidago Bloomy Blog - Goldenrod (Solidago) -

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