Greenery-chic wedding: inspiration & examples

At weddings we always love the fact that some bridal couples marry in a similar style, but in the end some things are completely individually designed. This is also the case with this greenery-chic wedding, which we would like to show you in this post for inspiration.

Greenery chic style for the wedding

Laura and Maxim’s wedding should be natural, yet stylish. Both are very close to nature and therefore wanted to incorporate a lot of green, a lot of wood and natural elements into their decoration. Nevertheless, everything should be implemented in a stylish and elegant way.


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Laura and Maxim were inspired by their vacations and trips to nature. They became aware of the Greenery style through various wedding blogs and found it to be the perfect setting for their wedding. You can also find some great posts in our wedding blog under the keyword Greenery.

Above all, a lot of natural leaf green and eucalyptus was important to the bridal couple. In combination with elegant white tones, she created her very own greenery chic style.

Greenery chic wedding inspiration examples - Greenery-chic wedding: inspiration & examples

Free wedding ceremony with tree ritual

For their wedding, Laura and Maxim made a conscious decision to have a free wedding. They really wanted to bring in their personalities and common history. Even if the first look happened before the wedding, the arrival of the bride at the wedding was a very special highlight. During the move in, the band played their song “Will you marry me”. When Laura then saw her Maxim standing in front of the grape arch and all of her guests greeted her with smiling faces, it was over to her and she could not hold back the feelings.

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It was a very nice idea to plant a tree together as a ritual during the wedding ceremony. Both involved their two-year-old daughter in the wedding ceremony. During the ritual she was allowed to water the olive tree so that it could grow.

Discover the details of the Greenery-Chic wedding

It was not without reason that the two decided on an olive tree. As favors there were small glass bottles filled with olive oil. The gift was also used as a seating plan. This was presented in an old wine box, where every guest could read his name and the table number on the kraft paper tags on his olive oil bottle. A very nice idea to combine two things.

service provider

Photographer: Christine Sauer
Location of the wedding ceremony: Heckers Gründau
Location of the wedding celebration: Heckers Gründau
Wedding Planner: Moments Weddings
Hair + Makeup: waves and more … mobile hairdressing salon
Wedding dress: Brand Moden
Bridal shoes: brand Zign, Zalando
Bridal jewelry: family heirlooms
Groom outfit: Wilvorst
Floristry: flowers and more manufacture
Stationery: Carino cards
Wedding cake: the cute lion
Wedding rings: BREEDIA
Wedding speaker: Alisa Palm Wortherz


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Decorating a church wedding ideas tips - Greenery-chic wedding: inspiration & examples

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