Grevillea (Silver areas) –

Silver areas or also called Grevillea belong to the silver tree family and spice up every bouquet. Find out more information here.

Botanical name: Proteaceae

Genus: Grevilleen

Plant family: Silver tree plants (bot.Proteaceae)

Occurrence: Australia

The Grevillea, also known as Silver Range, belongs to the silver tree family and originally comes from Australia. The leaves of the silver areas are pinnate and very decorative in a large floor vase together with other cut flowers. The flowers of Grevillea in particular were very popular with the Aborigines because of their sweet nectar. It was shaken in the hand for immediate enjoyment or diluted with a little water for a sweet drink.

Care tips for silver areas

The Grevillea care is relatively easy. Freshly cut the stems on arrival and then place them in a vase with cold water. Each time you change the water, you should cut the flowers again.

Grevillea Silver areas Bloomy Blog - Grevillea (Silver areas) -

Grevillea Silver areas Bloomy Blog - Grevillea (Silver areas) -

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