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Gypsophila is a true classic among flowers. Find out more information about this delicate, fragile-looking plant here.

Botanical name: Gypsophila paniculata

Genus: Panicle of gypsophila

Plant family: Carnation family (bot. Caryophyllaceae)

Occurrence: Eastern Europe

The gypsophila, also known as panicle of gypsophila, is a fine-leaved, bushy plant that is covered in small white or pink flowers throughout the summer. There are tall and low perennials and even an annual species. The fragile-looking stems and tiny flowers of the gypsophila contrast nicely with plants with strong flowers.

Care tips for gypsophila

The gypsophila needs a fresh cut when it arrives. Then put the flowers in cold, fresh water. The stems should be shortened again with each water change.

Gypsophila Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - Gypsophila -  |  Flower tips and more

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