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The cockscomb is a real eye-catcher in the flower vase! Find out more information about the pretty exotic here!

Botanical name: Celosia argentea

Genus: Brandschopf (bot. Celosia)

Plant family: Foxtail family (bot. Amaranthaceae)

Occurrence: Tropics
Celosia, also known as silver fire-heads or cockscomb, are typical summer flowers and belong to the foxtail family. The silver fire has spread worldwide in the tropics. It is cultivated especially in Asia and is used as an ornamental plant, food and in herbalism. Its color palette ranges from bright yellow, orange, red or purple flowers. Due to their striking coloring, they are very popular as plants in the garden, in window boxes but also as cut flowers in vases.

Care tips for Hahnenkamm

The stems of the celosia are cut diagonally and then placed in a vase with plenty of fresh water. Change this every third day combined with a new bleed. Celosias are also suitable as dried flowers, as they keep their bright colors even when dry.

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