How do you choose the right bridal jewelry?

When you hear the word bride, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the wedding dress. But that A wedding dress alone does not complete the bridal look. In addition to the shoes, the rest of the accessories also play an important role in the bride’s grand entrance. Earrings, chain, ring, veil, bag and more must be chosen. In 5 steps we explain how Your perfect bridal accessories finds.

1. The main actor: the wedding dress

yours bridal jewellery you should definitely adapt to your wedding dress. With a voluminous dress, it is better to do without ostentatious jewelry and resort to delicate and small elements. With a simple dress, it is advisable to wear jewelry. Whether subtle or conspicuous, that is up to you. We’ll show you which one cutout You can wear which jewelry and which spot color what shade of dress goes with.

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The cutout

Strapless: If you have decided on a dress without straps, you should avoid large statement necklaces. It is best to leave your chest and neck area free and just grab subtle jewelry back. A nice set Consisting of a necklace and earrings with small stones or pearls, it is ideal for a strapless dress. If your dress is rather simple, you can too big earrings carry. But don’t overload yourself!

Square neckline: Stay away from long chains! The warp should rest against your skin just before the fabric begins. are particularly beautiful simple necklaces with small stones or collars. Depending on the dress, both thin and wider chains fit. If you want to do without a chain, these are especially suitable long earrings as a great substitute.

Boat neckline: Fine silver or gold chains with pearls or precious stones ensure a smooth transition between the neckline and the skin. Beautiful earrings show off your eyes. Choose a similar color to create harmony or set accents with bright colors.

illusion neckline: Carry one transparent fabric on the décolleté and neck area – it is best to avoid a chain, as otherwise the eye will be drawn to the area. You should also open the earrings subtle pieces To fall back on.

halterneck: With a halter neckline, it is not a question of choosing a chain, but other jewelry. Depending on the dress look different bracelets and rings great looking You are free to choose the earrings. Rely on others too Accessories such as hair bands or floral wreaths.

Asymmetrical neckline: So that an extraordinary neckline really comes into its own, you should also do without a chain here and use it instead statement earrings draw attention to you. But beware! If you have decided on a dress with a lot of ornaments, it is better to keep all the jewelry unobtrusive.

V-neck: V-neck dresses go best with chains, which also v-shaped are. Chains with a single pendant or chains with several simple links are particularly beautiful. The center of gravity of the chain should be in the middle.

heart cutout: close to the neck Chokers, pearls and round necklaces with pendants look very harmonious in combination with the heart neckline.

The color of your wedding dress

Of course it should color of your accessories harmonize with that of your dress.

  • If you wear a white dress, choose shiny metals such as white gold, silver and gold in combination with pearls.
  • For a snow white dress, yellow gold, rose gold, silver and metals will suit pearl jewellery Perfect.
  • If you’ve decided on an ivory dress, then you should Gold Jewellery wear, as the two shades support each other.
  • yellow gold, polished silver and gems in great colors are ideal for champagne wedding dresses.
  • Appropriate jewelry for pink dresses is rose gold and platinum with beautiful diamonds.

If you are not familiar with the different colors and materials, let an expert advise you and grab great ones jewelry sets back. You can do (almost) nothing wrong with it.

2. Place and time of celebration

Even if it sounds strange at first, your jewelry should match yours Location and time of day of the celebration be adjusted. Do you host one? cozy garden wedding in the middle of the day, big statement jewelry bothers you overall look of the wedding, because it doesn’t match the rest of the style of the festival. However, do you celebrate your wedding in one Rococo style castle, then it can be more eye-catching and unusual accessories. Are you celebrating your wedding at a bar at night? Then adjusts eye-catching jewelry in color and with a lot of glitter better to the overall picture than at a celebration in the morning in a church. Try your jewelry on the overall style of the wedding match, then you can only win.

3. Bridal hairstyle and makeup

Different jewelry goes with every bridal hairstyle and every make-up. That’s why you should Hair and makeup with the accessories decide by vote.

  • If you choose one low bun or one half braid have decided, then choose matching short round necklaces with pearls and diamonds.
  • Striking jewelery goes well with open hair, and it comes into its own under the beautiful curls. The same goes for the straight look. Striking rhinestones or modern hoop earrings, everything looks great.
  • brides with short hair put your face in the limelight with beautiful large and long earrings.
  • You have to be careful with updos. Depending on the hairstyle and accessories in your hair, you can quickly look overloaded. Choose rather subtle jewelry and small hair clips with pearls or beautiful stones to round off the look.

Also make sure that the jewelry goes with yours face shape fits. Elongated jewelry flatters round faces. Small, subtle earrings and fine jewelry are also very advantageous. If you have a square face shape, avoid it symmetrical and angular jewels, as this makes your face appear even squarer. Brides with elongated faces do without long and straight jewelry and choose voluminous and timeless designs.

Kirstin Dardon from Kido-Design bridal hair accessories added on the topic of hairstyle: From my many years of experience as a hair ornament designer, I know that when it comes to hair ornaments, the most important thing is the bridal hairstyle. When you have chosen your dress, you probably already know how you want your bridal hairstyle to look.

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Credits: Schonmich, Photo: Samantha Clifton

Our expert Brigitte Wegerhoff von Schönmich has the following tips for hair accessories:

  • Hair combs, fascinators, headbands or headbands with lace trimmings, fine pearls, rhinestones and sequins are perfect for a bohemian look with a loose hairstyle as well elegant updos combine.
  • Headbands, headbands or hair flowers can be worn wonderfully with open, loose, wavy or curly styled hair.
  • Lace hair accessories with a delicate mesh veil ensure one mysterious, outlandish but also romantic look.
  • hair combs are beautiful highlights for romantic and playful hairstyles. With updos, hair combs can be wonderfully positioned over a bun or even combined with a veil.
  • At a loose hairstyle with headdress a comb can provide a better hold. The hair underneath the jewelery should be backcombed, so that a little invisible nest is built, so to speak. Another great way to combs and fascinator To give a better hold, one or two hairpins should be stuck across or crossed below the top hair on the comb.

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Credits: Schönmich, Photo: The Seventh Cloud by Katerina Kepka

In addition, our professional emphasizes beautiful me the following: A Veil is no longer a must these days, but only a statement. The bride who dares often likes it extravagantly on her head or simply different! Since the bohemian vintage look is also very present in 2019, headdresses made of lace and/or silk, whether fascinators, hair bands, headbands or combs, are a beautiful symbiosis with the bohemian vintage style. But it is often possible Combine headpieces and veils for church and evening celebrations.

We also have BelleJulie asked and received the following advice for you:

A romantic headband looks especially beautiful when worn as a crown of hair is worn and the long, narrow ribbons are twisted or braided into the bridal hairstyle.

4. Perfect Harmony

All jewelry you wear should be together harmonize In addition to necklaces, earrings and bracelets, as our experts said, head and hair accessories are particularly trendy among brides. Great Hair clips or bands, floral wreaths or tiaras support or replace the traditional veil. If you have decided on a conspicuous headdress, you should hold back on earrings and necklace. With subtle jewelery in the hair, it can be more conspicuous.

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Credits: Kirstin Dordan, photographer: Nadine Apfel Fotografie, model: Alexandra Ried, hair & make-up: Sina Vargas, wedding dress: Susan Bauer, la robe marie Location & flowers: Maria Lucas, the old garden center

It is important for your accessories that they suit you and your wedding concept. Let yourself be inspired and find your bridal hairstyle, which you can then try out with your stylist at a trial appointment. For example, bring your desired accessories to an appointment with a make-up artist The Beauty Bar – by Jen with and let us advise you on which look could be implemented well with it.

5. Other Advice

Pay attention to one when buying the accessories good quality. After all, your jewelry should last and shine all day long. The golden rule when buying is: Less is more! The less you wear, the less can distract from your magical smile on your face. Of course, this decision is a matter of type.

We recommend just a spot color to choose. Choose a metal – that of your wedding ring – to keep the harmony. Shiny stones and pearls set the accents.

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