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Website pricing: what does a website cost?

What is the cost of a website cannot be answered across the board. The cost of a website depends on the provider and your individual requirements for the website away. The number of individual websites on the website is also reflected in the price. For example, if you just want to start your own blog, it is much cheaper than if you want to have a website with an online shop. It becomes even more expensive if the website is linked to an app.

Where can I get a good website from?

You can check out your website either create it yourself, from one Create private person leave or one professional service provider commission it. If you create your website yourself with a website builder or via CMS such as WordPress, in the best case it even works free. With websites that you cobble together yourself, however, you quickly reach your limits in terms of functionality. You can only get high-quality websites that play all the pieces from private ones IT experts / web designers or professional service providers.

What does a website cost?

The website prices of a reputable provider are on average around 800 euros. Private individuals with IT skills sometimes even offer a complete website for a few hundred euros at. If you think of a professional service provider If you want to have a website created, you even have to use expensive “luxury websites” with prices of 8,000 euros or more. Such high prices come about when the website features a App linked will, one Online shop ought to own the individual Internet pages with high quality content or a very special, dynamic and interactive design is desired. SEO or the consideration of Google ranking factors is also reflected in the price.

How much does a website cost Website prices - How much does a website cost?  |  Website prices
A web designer works up to 150 hours on a high-quality and beautiful design for a company website. Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) arthurhidden

What factors affect the prices of a professional website?

There is several factors that drive up the price of a corporate website can. However, you have to take the following 12 factors into account:

  1. Costs for the domain (or multiple domains)
  2. Conception of the homepage
  3. existing material (e.g. texts, domains, images)
  4. Structure of the website including navigation to the individual websites
  5. Ease of use (user experience)
  6. Web design
  7. Content Management System (WordPress, TYPO3, Joomla, Redaxo …)
  8. required functions, languages ​​and other special requests
  9. Purpose of the website (e.g. SEO, webshop, contact form, appointment booking tool …)
  10. Time
  11. Usability
  12. References from the web designer or the agency
How much does a website cost Website prices - How much does a website cost?  |  Website prices
What does a website cost? A professional website has its price! Graphics: (c) HEROLD

Fast, good and cheap is however unrealistic for a website

If you want to have a website, you have to prioritize. There is fast and good providers for websites that are priced but also correspondingly expensive. If, on the other hand, time is not an issue, then a high-quality website is fine much cheaper to have. Then the web designer can take the time to design an individual website for you with recognition value. If, however, it has to be quick and inexpensive, there is usually only a “cheap solution”, the quality, design and functionality of which, however, is very likely to leave a lot to be desired.

The look of a website is not everything

Many people reduce the website to it Appearance. Of course, the design is an essential aspect, because if the website looks antiquated, many (especially younger) customers drop out prematurely. But optics is far from everything. That is at least as important User experience (User experience as experts like to say). It is about the structure, structure and navigation of the respective website. The aim is to guide the user through the entire website in a meaningful, understandable and as intuitive manner as possible. Ideally, not only does the user interact with the website, but also the website interacts with the user. Good web designers even tailor the website to the respective target group and adapt the functions of the website the needs of their users at. This primarily requires a concept, which ideally is created together with the operator of the website.

Speed ​​as a decisive factor for a website

A fast loading time of the website is becoming more and more important. People are used to faster and more error-free internet. The patience that you had when surfing the Internet 20 years ago has long since ceased to exist. Having a fast website is also very important in order to be found on Google. This fact was reinforced by the Google Core Update to the Core Web Vitals, which was rolled out by Google in June & July 2021. The main content of a modern website should load in less than 2.5 seconds, which in Austria only achieves around 30% of all websites.

How much does a HEROLD website cost?

The HEROLD also offers Web design in its product range at. Between € 690 and € 1,060 per year, with a minimum term of three years, the website costs you with responsive design including maintenance at HEROLD. With the package for 690 euros, your website will be via phone designed, while the web designer for the package for 1,060 euros the website directly on site designed and you also get more content pages. The included service package enables you to make all subsequent changes for free to be implemented via the HEROLD. A domain of your choice, the storage space for the website, monthly reporting on the number of hits, as well as virus protection, firewall and ongoing development of the website system are also included. All further information about the Web design of the HEROLD (Advice, additional packages, additional services, alternative packages, SEO, exact prices, and much more) can be found here.

Here you can have an inexpensive company website designed for you:

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