If you don’t want to dance

Looking for Alternatives to the opening dance at the wedding? Not every bridal couple feels like having an opening dance. This can have very different reasons, which are often very individual. If you are not planning an opening dance at the wedding either, we have selected some great ideas for suitable alternatives for you.

Your bridegroom doesn’t want to and doesn’t want to dance an opening dance? But you are not a fan of it either? Then don’t worry about it at all. On the day of your wedding, of course, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want. Nevertheless, it would be nice to officially open the dance floor.


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Ideas for alternatives to the opening dance

A wedding reception without a party and dancing? At least that’s what they’d like to do. If you don’t want to open the dance floor yourself, then you have several options to choose from. Your groomsmen, bridesmaids but also your guests play an important role.

How about a flash mob that some of your guests are rehearsing? Alternatively, you could also lure the guests onto the dance floor with a game and then let your DJ open them. One possibility for this would be for the woman who catches the bridal bouquet to do the opening dance with her partner when throwing the bridal bouquet.

Make the longest-married couple dance

Of course, if you do not dance as a bride and groom, it does not mean that others are not allowed to dance. How about if it wasn’t the newly married couple who opened the dance floor, but the couple who had been married the longest of all. Maybe your grandparents are gifted and enthusiastic dancers? If so, please let them have the right of way and open your dance floor. Other couples are sure to join in and you’ll have a great opportunity to fill the dance floor.

Practice waltz at the wedding reception

If you do not have the time or the desire to learn a dance in the run-up to the wedding, then you can only plan this for the wedding celebration. Your DJ or someone else who is good at animating people should invite you as the bridal couple to the dance floor together with all other guests. Then it is explained how, for example, the basic waltz step works.

You practice the waltz a little with your guests before the DJ jokingly says that it looks “hopeless” and that it would rather play real party music. Then your guests should prove that they can at least dance to this music.


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