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Immerse yourself in summer with branched beauties, bright colors and expressive flowers from all over the world. With this sea of ​​flowers in a fairytale appearance, our BLOOMS of the week “Inca’s Dream” give you a noble bouquet with a heart this time.

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A very special guest in this bouquet is that Dicentra, which is also popularly called heart flower, because the graceful stem of the flower is shaped like a cluster of heart-shaped flowers. Despite the filigree appearance, the leaves of the heart flower are robust, which is also reflected in the intense pink-red color. This extraordinary flower originally comes from the mountains of East Asia and has only been a popular showpiece in western gardens since the beginning of the 19th century. This may also explain why one searches in vain for the heart flower in the dictionaries of flower language: all ancient gods and goddesses already had a flower that they represented, and the Christian plant plan was also already completed when the heart flower immigrated to Europe. With its many small flowers, it conveys delicate summer feelings in this bouquet.

Limonium, another branched flower, represents a fairytale-like counterpart to the warm Dicentra in bright yellow. The name Limonium comes from the Greek and means “willow” or “meadow”. The flower got this name because it occurs mainly in the Mediterranean area and grows on salt marshes. Limonium is therefore often also called sea lavender or sea lavender. With small trumpet-shaped flowers lined up in a row, Limonium is a real eye-catcher and also a very easy-care cut flower. It is only important that the water in the vase is changed every two days, otherwise the sea lavender can spread an unpleasant smell. It was also a popular dried flower in the 1980s. To dry it, you simply have to put the flower in a vase without water. So vintage lovers don’t miss out either!

A real star in this bouquet is that phlox, often also called the Flame Flower. Its many fine flowers transport you into a BLOOM fairy tale. In brilliant pure white, it appears here almost like a cloud and symbolizes innocence and lightness. The flower is a symbol of mutual trust and is therefore perfect for romantic occasions. Phlox is very popular in gardens, it is not for nothing that there is the saying: “A garden without phlox is a mistake.” In this bouquet, too, a lack of phlox would be a big mistake, because it functions wonderfully as the perfect link between the other expressive beauties .

As an exotic counterpart, the light pink with white nuances completes the Alstroemeria the interplay of these summer blossoms. Also known as the Inca Lily, the Alstroemeria is a perennial with large, beautifully patterned flowers. In keeping with the phlox, this magnificent flower symbolizes friendship, devotion and affection. Since six to eight flowers grow on each stem, each flower is assigned a characteristic: understanding, humor, patience, compassion, energy and respect. A very expressive flower that completes our BLOOMEN of the week.

Our vase recommendation for “Inca’s Dream”

For this bouquet, we recommend a table vase with a wide opening so that the individual flowers come into their own.

We wish you a great week and lots of fun with “Inca’s Dream”!

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