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Do you already know our friends from Indecorate? Indecorate is the number 1 contact when it comes to tailor-made interior advice – Find out more in our interview!

INDECORATE Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - INDECORATE -  |  Flower tips and more

Short facts about INDECORATE:

• Foundation: October 2014
• Founder: Juliane Röthig
• Homepage: www.indecorate.de
• Website launch: February 2015
• Advice given: 150 hours
• Furnished rooms:> 1000 square meters

What does Indecorate offer its customers?

True to our mission “Bringing beautiful and affordable interior design into your life!”, We offer a completely new form of interior design. We develop individual, tailor-made interior concepts for private apartments and houses as well as for offices of young companies. Personal collaboration takes place on an hourly basis in order to enable maximum flexibility for our customers. In addition, we offer our customers exclusive discounts in the INDECORATE partner network that they can redeem independently – so every customer always has access to the advantages of our entire network! Anyone who enjoys new inspirations and trends around the subject of furnishing and living will also find what they are looking for in our in-house magazine.

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What distinguishes you?

INDECORATE differs from comparable service providers in a number of key aspects: on the one hand, we offer our services for an hourly flat rate of € 60 and give our customers the option of requesting the agreed hours flexibly. We attach great importance to personal contact between customer and interior designer, which always starts with our one-hour on-site consultation. This allows us to develop individual interior concepts tailored to the preferences of our customers. In addition, there are cooperations with unique interior brands and shops as part of our partner network: our customers enjoy exclusive discounts there, which they can redeem with all partners regardless of their specific project. Last but not least, we are a team of passionate interior designers: INDECORATE founder Juliane Röthig personally selects each designer and focuses on international experience, an individual style and decorating sensibility and a customer-oriented and open approach.

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Which target groups is the offer aimed at and who does the conceptual design?

The typical INDECORATE customer lives in a major German city, is between 25 and 50 years old and is interested in individually appealing interior design. Our target group includes men and women alike. They are united by the desire for tailor-made living, but they lack the time and expertise to implement their ideas on their own.
The conceptual design for tailor-made and budget-friendly interior concepts is carried out by the numerous interior designers who are part of the INDECORATE team and who are mostly out and about in major German cities. Our team of experts creates individual concepts for comfortable living and trendy office spaces based on inspiring ideas, according to the wishes of the customers.

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Founder Juliane Röthig

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