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The iris is a beautiful flower that also looks great in a flower vase as a cut flower. Find out more information about the flower here in the BLOOMY DAYS flower lexicon.

Botanical name: Iris

Genus: Irises

Plant family: Iris family (bot. (Iridaceae)

Occurrence: Northern hemisphere, temperate climates

The iris is an imposing genus of plants belonging to the iridaceae family. The 200 to 280 species all come from the northern hemisphere, mostly from the temperate zones. The numerous species, which differ in their height of growth, their flowering period and location requirements, are nevertheless quite similar in their flower shape. The hermaphrodite flowers consist of three petals, which are surrounded by six bracts when they are still closed, from which the conspicuous flowers break free when they bloom and reveal a bright yellow splash of color.
The origin of the iris, also known as the iris, can be explained on the basis of Greek mythology. Because irises were plants of the Greek messenger of the gods Iris. Her task was to guide the souls of the deceased along a rainbow into the realm of eternal peace. Even today, graves in the Orient are decorated with white or blue irises. In Christian symbolism, it became a symbol of the delivery of divine messages and the rainbow itself became a symbol of the new covenant between God and man.

The iris is not only impressive because of its beauty, it also has a number of medicinal properties. Your rhizome contains, for example, essential oils that have an expectorant effect when processed in teas or candies.

Caring for Iris

Depending on the variety, the flowering period varies between May and August. In order to fully enjoy the flowering period, it is an advantage to plant several irises in the bed. It needs little fertilization, as its roots are sensitive to salt and can rot quickly with excessive fertilization. After the flowering period, remove all stems and leaves from the iris.

Iris iris Flower lexicon from BLOOMY DAYS - Iris (iris) |  Flower lexicon from BLOOMY DAYS

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