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Our BLOOMS of the week “Italian Love” bring Italian flair into your home. Colorful flowers that you have certainly not seen before and the fragrant eucalyptus will brighten up your week.

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The colorful one Pastini belongs to the gerbera genus. But unlike conventional gerberas, the pastini is characterized by its curly petals. This playful “look” makes the Pastini something very special. So don’t let the special look of the pastini confuse you. The Fiori Particolari collection is brand new on the flower market and so far consists of six different varieties. The Italian names of the Pastini reflect the Italian feeling of class, luxury and typical Italian design.

In addition, there is another beauty that is in no way inferior to the pastini. The cream-colored one Gerberas has not rounded, as usual, but narrow, tapering and wildly jumbled petals. An absolute eye-catcher. Gerbera is the botanical and also the German name and about 30 species occur in nature. Most of them are in South Africa, Madagascar and Asia. They come in every imaginable color; in many bright as well as in pastel colors, from yellow to orange, pink to red and of course also in white.

As an accessory for this bouquet, we chose the eucalyptus decided. Its pleasant and unobtrusive scent is a real blessing. The silver-green only emphasize the bright colors of the flowers. Since eucalyptus is native to Australia and Oceania, most of the customs and myths surrounding the healing properties of eucalyptus have developed there. Many there believe that eucalyptus branches can protect against lightning strikes. The cattle should also be protected from disease and harmful magic by eucalyptus. According to the vernacular, luck is for those who attach a branch of eucalyptus to their hat.

Our vase recommendation for “Italian Love”

For this bouquet we recommend a high table vase with a narrow opening to give the flowers the necessary support.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Italian Love”!

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