It’s getting colorful: a little pocket psychology.

In these challenging times, many of us sometimes feel at the limit. Uncertainty, worry, stress and fear for health can seem very distressing. Today we would like to show you a little how you can make your everyday life colorful, step by step. With a few little tips and tricks, you might not put on rose-colored glasses, but more colorful ones!

Its getting colorful a little pocket psychology - It's getting colorful: a little pocket psychology.
Use a few little tricks to make your world a little more colorful!

Everything’s so colorful here!

Do you know the saying: external order is internal order? This is how many tidy people explain their sense of tidiness.

Keeping things tidy is easier when you have less. That is why one mucking-out expert has now joined the next and shows people how to separate things. You decide whether you want to clean out or not. But we think: outer color equals inner happiness!

It’s the sum of the many little things with which we can make our everyday life more beautiful. A colorful bouquet here, a colorful bag there: Splashes of color in everyday life are good for the soul!

Designing your own four walls aesthetically and with attention to detail makes everyone a little happier. We are very happy that with our new cooperation partner CEDON we have found someone who understands the beauty in the little things 100%.

1632393837 347 Its getting colorful a little pocket psychology - It's getting colorful: a little pocket psychology.
Face masks, carrier bags and stationery with floral patterns exclusively designed by Hella Fietz (photo left).

The magically patterned accessories bring beauty to everyday life. Company boss Hella Fietz is behind the design part and is fully behind her concepts, which are all coordinated with one another. CEDON products, we have recently had masks, notebooks and tote bags, fascinate with their exceptionally pretty, colorful patterns. Combined with our beautiful bouquets, these products bring your loved ones THE dash of color that makes them a little happier and more confident. So beautifully colorful!

Let’s capture the summer!

What does summer mean to you? Summer is warmth, lightness, light and lots of bright colors. Summer months bring mild nights outdoors, ripe fruits and a desire for ice cream. All things that are good for us, that make us look ahead positively and help to forget our worries a little. We’d love to hold onto it forever!

1632393837 317 Its getting colorful a little pocket psychology - It's getting colorful: a little pocket psychology.

Especially this year, the feeling of fear is mixed with the joy of colorful forests: What will autumn bring? What will change again, what will remain, what will even get better? Unfortunately, we cannot restrict the summer for you and send it to you. But we can give you a little help, its colors, its beauty and the cozy feeling of giving it away. Our colorful bouquets, combined with a mask full of birds and flowers, for example, give your loved ones a smile and a little confidence that everything will be fine. It is certain that masks will continue to accompany us. So why not put a smile on the face of your loved one? Because CEDON masks are simply breathtakingly beautiful without taking your breath away. Even if the warmth of the summer sun slowly disappears – warm around the heart and it will always be wonderfully colorful!

Take notice of beautiful thingsthat make life colorful

We also see the ongoing corona pandemic as an opportunity for positive change. Many of us have been catapulted out of the cocoon of our comfort zone by the crisis. Suddenly we have to redistribute the time, we had fewer opportunities for distraction for weeks. Celebrations, concerts, sporting events, a lot fell by the wayside and what’s left is what we could actually appreciate the most: time!

For some, the elimination of beloved routines also means insecurity. Spontaneous encounters are still and maybe soon more associated with a queasy or at least critical feeling. Even outside of the pandemic, there is currently no need to look for bad news.

And while we are repeatedly confronted with unsightly news and changes without noticing it, we take far too little notice of the beautiful things.

Writing it down, in ANALOG, is a fantastic way to focus on something else.

To what is good.

On nice plans or ideas or

on what exactly was treasured and special on that day.

We support our customers in giving away a piece of love, joy and happiness. A bouquet and a small notebook, which is always ready to document beautiful moments. Give away a piece of mindfulness with a wonderful set that says: “Life is so beautifully colorful!”

Energy flows where attention goes …

… sounds too spiritual? Is not it. Soberly called this is also called selective attention. From today, watch out for yellow cars and think of your loved ones every time. Bet you will soon have the feeling that yellow cars are clearly becoming more common? The only thing that matters is that we focus on them.

1632393837 139 Its getting colorful a little pocket psychology - It's getting colorful: a little pocket psychology.
A wonderful mindfulness exercise: writing down beautiful moments.

It has been scientifically proven: writing down changes perception. Let’s make a goal of writing down three great moments or thoughts each day. At first we sit there and ponder for a while until they come to mind. Suddenly we don’t have to look anymore until we think of a nice situation of the day in the evening. We are already aware of it at this very moment.

Of course, you can also use it as a practical companion in your handbag or in the car to quickly jot down a to-do, an address or a shopping list. The scent of flowers and a colorful splash of color in paper form on the bedside table, a nice surprise gift for the next birthday or just in between as a sign of solidarity, right?

Green, green, green conscience!

No, nothing is further from us than to raise the green index finger …

But let’s talk briefly about nature and the climate. Because without nature there are no flowers! We haven’t read anything from Greta Thunberg for a long time. Corona has confronted people all over the world with their vulnerability in such a way that the climate had to take a back seat for the time being. In the head.

But by the way, the virus has given nature many small gifts in the last few months. The air is cleaner, the waters clearer and the streets emptier. People stayed at home more and some began to garden vegetables, do upcycling or simply get to know and appreciate their homeland better on foot or by bike. Many of us decided to support local retail and buy more local fruits and vegetables.

1632393837 47 Its getting colorful a little pocket psychology - It's getting colorful: a little pocket psychology.

Most people’s personal carbon backpack has shrunk with the restriction of the pandemic. And once the rucksack is small, maybe many will no longer want to exchange it for a large trolley? Why wander far away when the good is so close? Experiencing nature for yourself is one thing that we definitely want to recommend as a “balm for the soul”. Take a look at our beautiful country and be grateful.

Or is there someone you would like to thank? For good cohesion, for mutual responsibility and consideration? We all carry our parcels, together there will be fewer! Whether for shopping at the greengrocer’s or a trip to the countryside: give away a colorful bouquet full of gratitude with one of our pretty tote bags.

And you kill two birds with one stone (even if everyone knows these days that every insect is indispensable for our environment! ?): You are giving away joy and sustainability!

Stay healthy!

Click here for the Cedon website.

And here to our Valentine’s flower shop!

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