Keeping children busy at the wedding

You’re going to get married soon, and lots of them too children have on the guest list? Experienced Mothers advise: give these kids a task during the wedding ceremony and they will have some adorable companions with them on the way to the altar! Following: 10 tips from blogger mothers & professional wedding planners Maureen Surup from Pretty Weddings and Birgit Wälzel from LANILA:

You should already meet the needs of the wedding organization when it comes to the wedding organization children think about yours wedding will be there. After all, there is a risk that they will be bored, run away, run wild, put themselves in danger, break lots of dishes and glasses for the waiter, or put their mother on nerves. It doesn’t matter whether you rely on a professional wedding planner or organize everything according to DIY – Children also want to be entertained. That’s why we asked an experienced wedding planner how to Children from 0 to 10 years during the wedding employed.

For the wedding planner Maureen Surup from Pretty Weddings, the clever occupation of the children at the wedding is in the foreground. If your children in the daily routine, look forward to your big appearance and give everything to master your personal task excellently. Birgit Wälzel from LANILA suggests that the children Sprinkle flowers, light the grief candle or that Bring ring pillow allow. Even small children are able to cope with such tasks and the joy will be huge! Little girls are also happy when they can wear festive dresses or even choose an outfit that fits the motto. Children have to feel comfortable at the wedding and should therefore not be neglected. Hence a personal task exactly the right basis to increase the joy of the little ones at the wedding.

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Sabina Maffei Plozner from zigzagmom, the blog for mothers with intelligent children, is also convinced that this is the best way: “Fixed tasks prevent wild romping under the table with the wedding cake. If there are two children, you can give them a task: As Bride’s helper, Distributor of rice or confetti bags or Manufacturers of soap bubbles. “ With very young children, the wedding ceremony can also be carried out at the same time as the Baptism of the newborn associate. How you harmoniously combine the welcome celebration for your new family member with a free wedding ceremony, the free theologians know about marriage is more.

  • 2. Separate room for children & professional child care

Pretty Weddings also recommends getting a separate Space for the kids who cannot sit still during the ceremony. Depending on the room capacity and the weather, that could be a Adjoining room or also a Outdoor place be (see for this also Point 7), where the children are entertained and looked after. This could, for example, be a room in which a film is shown or in which the confetti and soap bubbles are prepared for the bride and groom to move out. The number of children present decides how many carers are necessary and which activities can be planned, says LANILA. There should be 2 carers for every 10 children.

  • 3. Program items for children

The fact is: Children want to be the center of attention. Elena, party planner and inventor of “The Funkt Party”, knows how to involve children: With a little one Theater workshop in honor of the bride and groom or with disposable cameras that will ensure unforgettable shots from a children’s perspective. Whether with the children then played, tinkered, painted, puzzled or modeled depends not only on age, but also on individual interests and circumstances, which should be taken into account, says Birgit Wälzel from LANILA.

An eternally long one Lunch or dinner is pretty boring for kids! “The food could cause resistance among the children,” says Lauramanda from Civico30. Therefore also offers a child-friendly menu at: “How about a little aperitif, maybe with Smoothies, and a large sheet of paper that children can color in until the meal is served. ”And even if there is an exquisite menu for the adults – the little ones simply can’t do anything SchniPoSa (schnitzel with french fries and salad) and then a tasty ice! For dessert, Daniela Moscow has the following advice from “Dani & Maid”: “Think about the desserts that served earlier should be than that of the rest of the guests. Don’t force children to wait hours for the wedding cake! ”

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Surely you have detailed thoughts about them Wedding decoration made … But did you also think of creating an attractive place for the children to have dinner? It is best to provide a separate space right next to the parents. Or your own children’s table, which also lovingly and colorfully decorated is. How about funny placeholders, with cutlery and plates made of colored plastic and a cup with colored pencils and blocks. Because it can get boring between the courses. Micaela, editor-in-chief of New Moms agrees: “Provide original placeholders and small children’s games, colored pencils, maybe a little surprise for children to discover during the lunch break.”

If you have thought of a children’s table, all children are sure to be happy about a little gift that they can play with right at the table. Can quite small gifts be, but which provide great joy: Colored pencils, coloring books, colorful stickers, balls, skipping ropes or soap bubbles are ideal gifts to keep the children happy and to keep them occupied (tip from Pretty Weddings). They are also a nice give-away Airwalker balloons in animal shape reveals Birgit Wälzel from LANILA. Children who play are busy with themselves, can work off and ensure a successful party at the wedding party.

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If you know that many children with yours wedding are there, then the choice of the wedding location is also decisive. Open spaces where children can play and run around are ideal. Maybe you have the opportunity to put something new like animals, sculptures, machines, cars, etc. And everything that can be discovered in this place stimulates the imagination. But all of the mothers questioned agree: Open spaces are essential for children.

Or how about one Destination Wedding on one exotic place? You can probably give yourself and your little one no more joy than with one Wedding on the beach, where you combine getting married and going on vacation – Pure Adventure!

“An entertainer for lunch and dinner is definitely helpful for parents,” says the babysitting service Past tense mom. Cecilia Milani, Entertainer and organizer of events for children emphasizes that the planning of animation and entertainment must be based on the number and age of the little guests as well as the time and space. A separate place or a corner for very small children (0/3 years) would be ideal. Make-up, balloons, a dance show, huge soap bubbles – all of this is fun for children. Or make a present to the parents and rent a room Nannythat will keep all the kids entertained during the party! With the presence of a qualified nanny, parents can relax knowing their children are in the hands of a professional nanny.

  • 9. The little wedding guests as photographers

Another great option suggests Pretty Weddings wedding expert Maureen Surup, who knows from experience that children love to be themselves Wedding photographers to become. Just give the kids one or two Disposable cameras and explains to them which moments they should definitely capture with their camera. Maybe you can get out of it a little competition take and choose the most beautiful photo after the wedding – children are very ambitious and look forward to demonstrating their skills!

  • 10. Details of parents

Paola, blogger for “Mondobaobab”, reminds you to be sure to get as much information as possible from parents in advance about their children. Age, food preferences and hobbies – All of this can help to make the day as fair as possible. This is the only way you can put together the best for everyone. First of all, the location of the wedding ceremony should be clever ideas hold ready to keep the children calm.

Not only children play an important role in life, but also parents – Find out with us the 35 things for which you should thank your parents for and if you are currently fully in the wedding planning: Create your own free wedding websiteto let friends and family know about all the wonderful things to expect at your wedding!

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