KRUU or foboxy? Photo boxes in comparison

If you are interested in a photo box for the wedding, you will definitely quickly discover the providers KRUU and foboxy. It is not without reason that both providers are very popular, but which of the providers is better? We compared both photo boxes with each other.

In our blog you will already find a report on foboxy and of course a report on KRUU. In both posts we took a close look at the photo box and tested it for you.


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Decorating a church wedding ideas tips - KRUU or foboxy?  Photo boxes in comparison

Photo boxes in comparison

We have already told you why a photo box should not be missing at any wedding. After all, they are very popular at weddings for a reason. In our wedding group on Facebook we always read the question of which provider is really recommended. Foboxy and KRUU are often mentioned at the very front.

While there is only one variant to rent at foboxy, KRUU offers three different ones. In our experience report on the KRUU photo box, we have already described why the premium version is definitely worth it. Although it costs 349 euros more than the foboxy photo box, it costs 248 euros, but in our opinion the extra charge is definitely worth it. At KRUU you can also get the Basic Photo Box at a price of 249 euros, almost as expensive as the foboxy photo box.

Similarities of the photo boxes

Regardless of whether it is a photo box from KRUU or from foboxy: After ordering, you have access to a customer portal. There you can see the details of your order and also define the design of the printouts. You can choose different layouts and background images and, if necessary, enter your own text for the printouts.

Both photo boxes are delivered before the agreed date, so that you have enough time for a first test. If something is wrong with the photo box, the customer service of both providers will definitely help you.

The assembly of both photo boxes is really easy thanks to the description provided. Of course, both boxes have in common that you can take photos and have them printed out immediately. You will also receive an online gallery with all photos. The printing speed is similar for both photo boxes, unless you choose the KRUU Premium photo box with “high-speed printer”.

Differentiated between KRUU and foboxy

The differences between the KRUU and the foboxy photo box are in the details. The biggest difference is the camera used. While you have to make do with a “webcam-like” camera at foboxy, the KRUU photo box has a real SLR camera. The advantage of the foboxy camera is that you have a live preview directly on a large screen. With the photo box from KRUU you have to forego the live preview due to the camera used, but subjectively you feel better quality. In addition, the built-in screen is smaller there, but is still completely sufficient.

Both photo boxes have built-in lighting. While the LED lighting from foboxy is built into the box, the one from KRUU is positioned as an LED flash on top of the box.

The printing of the photos takes about the same time for both photo boxes, subjectively felt. Except for the KRUU Premium photo box, because there is a special printer included. On the printed photo there is a collage with different photos. With the KRUU Premium variant, you also have the option of having individual photos printed out. You can even distinguish between two different layouts before recording. A print as a collage would be possible, or as a single photo. This option does not exist with foboxy.

Which is better at foboxy than at KRUU

The live preview on the big screen is very practical and a clear advantage. We especially liked the supplied props, which are by far better and more extensive than with KRUU. You can read more about the foboxy photo box in our foboxy review.

KRUU or foboxy Photo boxes in comparison - KRUU or foboxy?  Photo boxes in comparison
Assembled photo box

Which is better at KRUU than at foboxy

If you opt for the premium version of the KRUU photo box, you have a really great photo printer, which not only prints the photos quickly, but above all in a great quality. With this you also have to add a lot less paper, as it works with a special roller and cuts the photos itself. In addition, you can make 100 reprints directly on site.

With the premium version you can choose between two different layouts of the printouts for each recording, whereby a single image is even possible. After all, not everyone wants a collage. After taking a picture with an SLR camera, you can optionally edit the photos with filters.

You can read more about the KRUU photo box in our KRUU photo box experience report.

1632428455 231 KRUU or foboxy Photo boxes in comparison - KRUU or foboxy?  Photo boxes in comparison
KRUU photo box Basic with cable

KRUU or foboxy?

Both providers offer a photo box with which you can take photos and print them out immediately. The quality of the photos is of course not comparable to the photos taken by a photographer, but is completely sufficient for “fun photos”. With both providers, props are supplied, which are perfectly fine. But we ourselves would buy our own picture frames and props to match the wedding.

If you cannot decide on a provider right away, then think about what is particularly important to you. If you really want to have a live preview, then the foboxy photo box is the right one for you. If you want a printer that prints the pictures quickly and where paper has to be refilled less often, then opt for the premium variant of the KRUU photo box. We personally like the possibility of printing individual photos and switching between two different layouts.

If the more expensive premium variant is not in the budget, there is still the KRUU Basic photo box. In this case, however, we would rather use foboxy. The live preview is clearly ahead here.


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1632428455 550 KRUU or foboxy Photo boxes in comparison - KRUU or foboxy?  Photo boxes in comparison

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