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Magical Peonies –

The time has finally come: the peony has awakened from its very long hibernation. It is a special time of year when this magnificent flower sweetens our lives. But as quickly as we put peony arrangements in our home every year, the magic is over just as quickly. Because the flowering time is limited. From May to June, peonies are a dime a dozen, but from June we have to wait almost a year to be able to buy them.

Magical Peonies Bloomy Blog - Magical Peonies -

Botanical name:


Plant family:
(bot. Paeoniaceae)

temperate and subtropical climates
in Europe and Asia

What makes the peony so special?
Is it the fact that she is portrayed in many Hollywood films as the prime of romance and love? Or is it their downright magnificent and magical appearance?
Your flower balls shine, look friendly and beautiful. In addition, there are only a few flowers of this size.
The color spectrum of the peonies ranges from white to light to dark pink, from coral pink to bright red to deep dark red. The flowers can be double, semi-double or unfilled. The peony makes every bouquet something special and gives every home that certain something.

1633162543 689 Magical Peonies Bloomy Blog - Magical Peonies -

Not only is its beauty convincing, it is also easy to care for. All you have to do is cut the peonies’ stems diagonally with a sharp knife and then place them in a clean vase filled with water. You should change the water every now and then – and you will enjoy the beautiful flowers a lot. However, if your peonies appear a little limp, remove all the leaves on the stem, cut them fresh again and give them new water to absorb. Your peonies need a lot of water to bloom in their full bloom. If the flowers of your peony stick a little and do not open as a result, spray them with a little water and they will open after a short time.

Of course, peonies are also available in our shop. The combination with carnations and lilies creates a particularly expressive arrangement.

1633162543 7 Magical Peonies Bloomy Blog - Magical Peonies - 1633162543 532 Magical Peonies Bloomy Blog - Magical Peonies -
Cloud 7 for € 24.90 Little princess for € 24.90
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