Are you already in the Easter fever? Here you will find a cute DIY for making Easter table decorations. We’ll show you how to make cute Easter eggs as table decorations for the Easter table. In the same style, we also make a rabbit, in which you can wonderfully hide a voucher for your loved ones as an Easter gift.

Easter egg table decoration crafts

Quantity: 2

Active time 15 minutes

Total time 15 minutes


  1. We drew a pattern for ourselves with the help of the Easter egg cookie cutter. To do this, paint the egg on a sheet of white paper and simply cut it out a little larger as a seam allowance. And you already have the template for the Easter egg. If you only have other Easter cookie cutters (chicken, rabbit head, etc.) you can also use these. The shape just shouldn’t be too complicated.
  2. Then you transfer the template 2x onto the tracing paper and cut it out.
  3. Then some confetti is placed between the two layers of transparent paper and sewn around it once with the sewing machine.
  4. Now you make a hole in the top of the Easter egg with a darning needle and pull a baker’s twine through it.
  5. Now you can put the Easter egg wonderfully around a napkin as an Easter table decoration or hang it on the Easter bush.


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Easter bunny table decoration handicrafts

Sweet Easter bunny filled with confetti as a table decoration - quick & easy - great for giving away a voucher

Active time 15 minutes

Total time 15 minutes

Difficulty Easy


  1. Prints the DIY_Template_Bunny the end. You paint the Easter bunny twice on the tracing paper and cut it out.
  2. Then you write the voucher you want to give away on a piece of paper, fold it and place it between the two Easter bunnies. With us the note is yellow.
  3. Then the Easter bunny is sewn together. And please leave a 6 - 8 cm opening at the bottom, through which you can later fill the confetti.
  4. Then the rabbit is filled with the colorful confetti and then sewn up. And your sweet table decoration for Easter is ready.


We also punched out a small tag and described it as “Surprise”. This is hung around the neck of the rabbit with a baker's twine. Unfortunately, in order to get the voucher, the recipient has to cut the rabbit open. If he does not want this, you can also reveal what is on the voucher.

Now we wish you a lot of fun doing handicrafts. You can find cookie cutters, baker's twine and other Easter decorations in our party-princess shop.

Many greetings, Ilka

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